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Is it possible to ovulate after a missed period?

Hey everyone! So for the past couple of days I've been having the fertile type discharge after missing my period. Its almost 2 weeks late (12 days) and I'm having this instead of a period.

I took 5 hpt's, all negative, and the week I was supposed to have my period, I had a little bit of blood in my cervix. Some streaks of blood came out at one point when I wiped. Has this ever happened to anyone else or did I just skip a period or something?
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There is a huge scope of what 'could' be happening.  Sure you could have ovulated later than you normally do.  You might have been pregnant and testing too early.  It might have just been a wonky cycle.  What ended up happening?  Did you wind up pregnant??
I went to the doctor and had a blood test done and ended up not being pregnant. However I didn't end up getting my period until August 2nd. Its been going on for about 5 days at this point and was very heavy at the beginning.

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