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Trying to have a baby

Hello i haven't been on nothing since last August and I have been taking folic acid since June and my partner has had a sperm test and it's came back fine so why can't I get pregnant ?
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Are you tracking ovulation ?     We all only have a 25% chance or less . It takes time a luck
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That's only a month. Patience.
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I've been trying since October
Oh, I see. I read it wrong. Since LAST August. That can be very discouraging. Have you been tracking your cycles and fertile days? Usually if you try for a year and you are unsuccessful they look into reasons for infertility. So there are probably other tests they should run coming up.
My periods had been all other the place like 2 weeks late or 1 week early , but the doctors have tested me and they have said my eggs are good and healthy so I dunno what to do
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My body has always had a crazy cycle. Never the same date. Always random. We have been trying for a year and still nothing. Doctors also said I'm fine. It's frustrating.

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