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Two positive digitals test one negative blood test

Could I be pregnant I took two digital test both positive with the word yes+ for the first response clear blue said pregnant next day I went to the er for pains and this they said I'm not negative blood today a week later I went to my gyn negative urine weird and she said it's too early to tell cause my period not due till the 11 today is august 9th 2018 she said I gotta wait 10 days after to test has anyone had this happen positive digitals than negative blood and urine but still be pregnant weird that I would even get a positive digitals if I'm not but time will tell
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So, it's hard to say.  When did you read your home tests?  If they sit, you get an evaporation issue that can turn it positive. It has to be read right away.  The problem is that if you took a test 11 days before your period was due, that's WAY too early.  You'd have just ovulated and it would maybe not even be implanted yet!  Unless you were pregnant previously before this cycle, I wouldn't think anything was accurate that early in a cycle.  Time will tell. Let us know okay?  Have you been TTC?  
Thank you for responding the test read yes+ and pregnant imediately it was two digital also maybe I was pregnant and had a miscarriage or just false positives but I'm gonna test later and see what will come out thanks

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