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11DPO Right Ovary Pain

I posted in the fertility forum but not getting any responses over there, maybe you pregnant women can help me out!!!

My right ovary has had this aching pain for about 3 hours now. It almost feels like a pulling kind of pain. I need some opinions here, what do you think this is? I read my journals from my last pregnancy and this happened at 8dpo and I assumed that is was implantation pain, could it be implantation pain this late in the cycle? Could I be that lucky? Is this what a cyst feels like? As far as I know I have never had one but I read about a lot of them in this forum.
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Hmmm...sounds like it could be implantation! A cyst takes longer to hurt (if it is over 3cm)...but you would have had it for awhile if it hurt....
Sticky baby dust to you!!
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When my cyst was between 3-4 cm (pretty big) it barely hurt, in fact I really didn't even notice it much, I assumed that when I did feel something it was around ovulation, & I figured thats what it was.  It started REALLY hurting when it grew to 8CM+  OUCHY OUCHY MAMMA!!! ;)
I know what you are feeling.  I didn't get it this month but my 2 medicated cycles I DID!  I THINK its just from your lil ovary being in overdrive!  If thats the side that had the bigger follies, your ovary has been REALLY stretched out.  I had lingering pain, achyish pain off n on for about a week after I O'd both months.  I told the nurse & she said I could have a cyst...which the US showed that I didn't.  
I wouldn't worry about it much, could be implantation, but I would think that would be lower more away from your ovary, or it could be your ovary just sore from getting so big.
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Actually 8 DDP is not uncommon at all for implantation...could be!  I can't comment on cyst pain, I have only ever had teeny tiny ones so no real pain with them. I also experience minor pain with actual ovulation, but that wouldn't be the case in your situation. I will keep my fingers crossed for you...I hope its your month!!  You can test with a FRER soon!!  Good luck!
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I think your 11DPO right???  Which it can take 12DPO for implantation.  I HOPE thats what it is ;)
When are you gonna POAS girlie!!!!!
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Thanks everyone. I am trying to hold out until Friday, we will see.  I didn't think about it being a medicated cycle causing the pain, I guess it could be. I didn't have any pain the last 2 medicated cycles but who knows, I hope it's not :-)   I am glad to know that it doesn't sound like a cyst, I get monthly ultrasounds done and they haven't seen any yet.
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I am jealous your cyst did not hurt at 3cm...makes me wonder why mine is so bad.

Wishing you best of luck...a BFP!!!
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I don't think I have a cyst, were you talking to ita17?
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Yes, I think she was!   LUCKYYYYYYYYYYY, cuz cyst really stink!!! ;)
Your getting clossssserrrrrrrrrrr ;)
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LOL...sorry, still don't know how to work these forums!
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I know! 2 days for testing!
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