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Hello ladies,
Today I had my third ultrasound and I am Happy to announce that baby has a good heart beat. I am 7 weeks and 3 days, That is what the Dr. measurements determined.
He prescribed me promentrum think that's how you spell it HAHA!! 200mg One in the morning and another before bed , to be done vaginally. Anyone have to take this while in the 1st trimester?
Also I can not stop being nauseous and having dry heaves in the morning it's constant all day everyday. I tried crackers,7 up toast nothing seems to help anyone have any other safe remedy I can try?
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I'm so sorry you're going through the nausea - it sure isn't fun!  Ginger ale sometimes helped me - just sipping on it plus some compounding pharmacies (or traditional ones) carry ginger lollipops for patients w/chronic nausea.  

I did progesterone in oil shots as my supplement (IVF) but there are lots of women here and on the fertility forum who've done the prometrium vaginal suppositories so you're not alone.

One more thing - if you start to get dehydrated (it's uncommon but happens), see your doctor.  There are safe anti-nausea meds to try and they help tremendously - best of luck to you and congrats! - jen
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I was on progesterone supp from 3 dpo until end of 1st trimester with my DD - it isn't any fun....wear a panty liner.  I thought I'd be "pad free" for 9 months....not in the beginning!  Other than being a little icky, they were no biggie for me.  I couldn't tell the difference in any side effects from that versus just 1st trimester feeling **** py anyway.  

Good luck and keep hydrated!  If you have problems keeping down enough food, make sure your doctor is aware and follow his advice!!
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I had the progesterone suppositories 3 times a day and it was fine I knew it was keeping my baby in my belly.. be sure to always take them as a drop in progesterone signals the body to sluff off everything inside.. it is what occurs to make af come when we are not pg...   so just take it and know it is helping your baby.. by 12w your placenta takes over and makes enough..   it can make you constipated.. so if you get that way just know it is because of that and add some bran in your diet haha.. good luck and congrats on teh hb
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I have to take progesterone as well as an extra caution even before I know I'm pregnant.  So I'm now taking prometrium tablets 3 x a day.  

I've heard that ginger tea is helpful for the nauseau.

Good luck.
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I took the prometrium tablets 3 x a day.   I heard that peppermint tea is helpful too.  I never had horrible morning sickness but my friend did and the tea helped her.  

Good luck.
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I have had a few days of really bad nausea this pregnancy, and I bought a product called Ginger Beer (nope, not an alcholic drink..lol) that really worked well.  I found it at my local grocery store.

I too am on prometrium and have been since the beginning of this pregnancy.  It's pretty common.

Congrats on your excellent ultrasound results...that's great!  I wish you a healthy remainder of your pregnancy!!
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Thank You ladies for your responses. I will definitley try all for the nausea.
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