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Have a few questions, one how many other woman are having c-sections and if you don't mind sharing why do you have to have them,also is any one afraid to have one?? Yeah I know I am a pain in the butt, it is just that I don't understand why I have to have a c-section, I had one with my 2nd daughter and it was really hard on my body, with my 2nd daughter I had her v-bac in 22 mins of getting to the hospital, with no problems at all, so I don't understand why they won't let my try to have my son natural, is it because of my age, when I ask they just say that it is hospital policy Not sure what that means and I am just worried that something might go wrong with it, Do you guys think it is safer for the baby to be born by c-sections, sorry to be a pain, Julia
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I personaly would never request one. I have had 3 babys vaginally and would only have one if nessary. This time im afraid I might because baby is still breech (has been the whole pregnancy) and im 36 weeks today. They dont want to try and turn her untill after im 37 weeks. My labors have been very quick. baby#1 was 6 hours start to finish. baby #2 was 3 hours start to finish and the last was 2 and a half hours start to finish. If I go into labor before they turn her im looking at an emergency c-section, ugh!
As far as your circumstances go.................could you maybe get a second opinion?? See if someone eles can deliver you?? I dont understand the need if you have already had a VBAC. Maybe your doctor has reasons he/she can explain better to you?? Good luck!
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i'm having a c-section on monday. my 1st was delivered by c-section after 25 hrs of labor and 2 hours of pushing. his head just couldn't pass through! so my dr said this one should be c/s as well b/c there is no reason to believe it wont happen again.  but he did tell me it was up to me but that my uterus could rupture and that would be good for nobody. my dr is kind of a comedian ;)
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I am having a c-section because I had to have an emergency one for Cooper. Being that it has only been a little over a year since that one my doctor does not want to risk me having a vaginal birth.  

The overall c-section is not bad, it is just the pain that comes the next few days with it. I was really sore and it did not help that I had to go and walk around Children's Hospital to be with Cooper.

If you are really against this, then stress this to your doctor. Remember Julia it is your body and your choice pending that it is not life threatening.
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doctors have changed their position on vbac, and it is most likely not being recommended for you due to new hospital policies.  that being said, i did rupture during a vbac attempt, and it isn't pretty.  i understand being scared of a schedule c/s, because it would scare the heck out of me too.
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I am having a c-section.....primarily because I had a c-section with baby #2.  I had baby #2 c-section because I wouldn't dialate. I didnt' get beyond 3 cm.  I went in Saturday morning...and nothing on Sunday except my water broke and then still nothing.  He was born c-section on Monday morning.  With this pregnancy I am having c-section because I don't believe my OB does VBAC.  Probably because of the malpractice risk.  And this is interesting because the first OB I saw during this pregnancy said I could have a VBAC if I wanted one.  So I guess it really just depends on the OB.   However, I have had many many problems with my pregnancy so it could be that in any event they would have done the c-section regardless.  

I don't think it's your age and I don't know if you're having problems, in general I think it's the preference of the OB who's delivering your baby to be frank.  And perhpas they feel it's less stress on the baby too.  
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I'm not far along enough yet to have had this conversation with my Dr. so I can't really give you any good advice.  I do know that my sil had a c-section with my first nephew due to complications, not sure exactly what.  She wanted to have a vaginal birth with my second nephew, but her Dr. said not a good idea after a c-section the first time.  That's about all I know on the subject.  Whatever you and your OB decide, just think....only a few short weeks left until you welcome your little man into the world!!!  So exciting!!!
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I had my original c-section due to baby's head being too large for opening (I believe it's called cephalopelvic disproportion).  From what my ob tells me, VBAC's are rarely done now due to malpractice concerns from both the hospital and the doctor.

I've had 5 c-sections so I guess I'm a veteran of this operation sad to say.  I consider all of them to be relatively easy to recover from - even probably easier than when I had to have umbilical hernia surgery four months following Noah's birth.  Don't get me wrong - it's not the funnest thing but it's doable. I was up and walking 12 hours after No's birth.  The immediate post recovery isn't fun at all - ask for lots of morphine - LOL.

I wouldn't push a VBAC if it were me but since you've had one before, I can see why you would want another.  I don't think it's your age either that they're recommending a c-section - not long now before you have your baby - jen
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My baby was facing the wrong way, looking up instead of down and pushing on my pelvic bone and not my birth canal.  I think dr's call it "sunny side up"  :)  I was disappointed I could not have a natural childbirth but it was an amazing experience anyways.  
Good luck!
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