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Cramping in Early PRegnancy


I am now 7 weeks.  Lost the last 2 babies between 6 and 8 weeks so I am understandably anxious.  I saw a heart beat on the u/s last week @ 6 wks 1 day.

No spotting, but lots of cramping.  Then I wouldn't expect spotting as I'm on progesterone support.  Am so scared that this cramping means there is a problem with the baby.

I am also having pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts and increasing nausea.  

Has anyone else had lots of early cramping and still been ok.

The next week waiting for the second u/s is going to be so nerve wracking.  At least then I'll know.
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I too worried in my early pregnancy due to 3 consecutive early miscarriages. I had lots of cramping up until 13 weeks, I also took progesterone. I'm now 23 weeks & all is great. Congratulations & God bless you during this pregnancy.
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Hi, I too had a few misscarriages and every little cramp or twinge i thought was another misscarriage. Try to relax i kow how hard this is I have tried. It is not easy to  but you must try to relax for the babies sake and yours. Good luck on your next ultrasound
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I had 2 m/c.  Then 3 successful pregnancies.  Cramping in early pregnancy is totally normal.  I had it with# 3 and tons of it.  As long as its not severe or accompanied by bleeding or spotting try not to worry.  Make sure you stay hydrated also because that can causes excessive cramping also.  Good luck to u.
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Once you see a heartbeat, the likelihood of a miscarriage decreases significantly.

I know how anxiety provoking this can be - just realize that odds are definitely in your favor.
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It's so scary after having had losses.  Remember what a basket case I was?  Cramping is pretty normal, but of course, that depends on how severe it is.  Never hesitate to call your Dr. if your concerned.  And as for the spotting?  Prometrium never stopped me from spotting and bleeding, and I took it every pregnancy after the first.  So if there was an issue, the progesterone likely would not prevent the spotting from occuring.  Hang tight Sally, 1 more week and your through your scary time.  You saw that little heartbeat, and this one is going the distance my friend!!  (((hugs)))
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THank you so much everyone.  I am just on tenterhooks here.  Still having cramping today.  NOt major, but not minor either.  No spotting.  Praying this little one will make it!
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I have had alot of cramping and have trained myself into rushing the bathroom everytime it happens due to the fact that I had a m/c June 30  so everytime I feel it sadly it reminds me I check The toilet paper like 12 times each time I use the loo. Today was a better day because I realize only god is in control
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I had horrible cramping this time and with my last.  In the end the cramping was normal. What helped me was to think about all the growing and stretching your uterus has to go through and how cramping is to be expected. I felt like if I didn't have the cramps then I would know something was wrong. Hope that helps. Good luck!
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I think it's impossible to have gone through what you have and not be afraid.  I know exactly what it is like to read every symptom and twinge into something negative...did I ever do that to.  I'm not even going to tell you to relax or not worry...not possible.  But everyday brings you one step closer to that goal, and it sure sounds like everything is very promising this time around.  All you can do is take it day by day...end of first trimester is right around the corner now!!!
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