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Early ultrasound measuring behind with low heartbeat

I am 42 and breastfeeding. I've only had one AF since giving birth. I know I ovulated around July 24-26. Last time I BD was the evening of July 25.

First ++ HPT was August 4
AUG 9    HGG was 393
AUG 11  HCG was 1142

AUG 26   Early US. Tech had a hard time seeing the sac. She kept making me push down on my side to help her zoom in. Sac looked very healthy- good shape. She saw yolk and fetal pole- but it was really low in the sac and hard for her to see or measure. She did pick up a HB of 98. She told me her measurements put me at 5w2d and that the heartrate coresponded to that.

Problem is I think I am at least 6w3d. In fact, I know the last time that we BD was 32 days before this scan. So even if it took a few days to fertilize and a few more to implant... this cannot be good news right?

Just trying to prepare myself for the worst. I don't go back for another scan for 12 unbearable days!!

Thank you for any feedback. ~ Holleigh
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Thanks so much for the feedback. I guess the biggest problem is that I KNOW the last time that we BD was 32 days before the U/S. SO... even if implantation took a couple of days... I should have been at 28 days post conception.... or at LEAST 6 weeks. But the size and heartreate coresponded to 5w2d.... off by another unexplained 5 days.

The other issue is that I just don't have any real symptoms. I am tierd... but with 4 kids that is not unusual! Plus I have been off an on crampy- which I think it digestion / constipation related... but I honestly don't know.

It really ***** to be in this limbo... Thanks for the feedback. I will update either way in case my story helps someone else...
XO ~ Holleigh
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Early ultrasound is far more accurate at determining fetal age then anything else.  When I had my first ultrasound with DS, they told me 6W3D if memory serves me correctly.  Now, I had not had a period as I had just miscarried, but  based on the one and only time we BDed in that time frame, and the fact that a normal cycle for me in those days was 25 days, it was just not possible. But he is fine and 7 months old now.  This is not an exact science. It is impossible to pinpoint the exact moment of ovulation, fertilization and implantation, all of which play an important role in the whole process.  The first trimester is always scary, but right now it sounds  like everything is ok.  Your next ultrasound will give you your answers.  I wish you well.
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I agree! Implantation time varies and that can make a huge impact on your dates/measurements! I would not fret yet, all still sounds promising!

When do you go for a second scan? Good luck and Congrats!
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I would say whether you are 5 weeks or 6 weeks just to be able to see anything on your ultrasound at all was a miracle and to get a heartbeat I would say that is a good thing just keep your chin up and keep praying good luck
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Hi....it's been a little while since I've done any of this (DD is 7 months old today), but I am pretty sure that you are okay.   The time that the baby implants and the sac starts developing is not an exact science and is still a bit of a mystery, even to those in the medical field. (also, keep in mind that the u/s measurements are not an exact science, either...the numbers are determined by where the tech places the cursor!!)

I would say that as long as the heartbeat is strong and the baby is developing, you should try to relax and enjoy the pregnancy ;)  I know that it's easier said than done.

Good luck and congrats!
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