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Hemoglobin C/Hemoglobin A2

Hello everyone..! I'm 36yrs old and pregnant with my first baby, I'm currently 8wks and I just got back the results of my bloodwork for my first prenatal visit, I was 6 wks then, and I'm concerned with some of the results. I wont be able to see my doctor for another month, so I cant ask her about the results, and I'm going crazy, bcs I cant seem to find a straight answer.

My bloodwork says the following:

                                                              Result             Normal Range              Flag      
Hemoglobin A2                   HGBA2          56.3%             (94.5-98.0) %                L
Hemoglobin C                     HCBC            39.3%                (0)%                          H

HCBG Electrophoresis        HGBLAB         AC                    (AA)

HGB Interpretation                                    Consisten with Heterozygous Hemoglobin C (A/C)

Everything else came back normal and the one for Sickle Cell came back negative.

I'm now stressed and concerned.., so If anybody has any idea that can help me, pls It'll be greatly appreciated..!

Thank you!
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Your Baby does Not have a Disease
People with Hemoglobin C trait have two
kinds of hemoglobin in their red blood
cells. One kind is the normal adult hemoglobin
called hemoglobin A. The other
kind is called hemoglobin C. Hemoglobin
A is the most common kind of hemoglobin.
Hemoglobin (he-mo-glo-bin) is the
iron-containing part of the red blood
cells. Hemoglobin carries oxygen
from the lungs to all parts of the body.
Hemoglobin C Trait Is Inherited
Babies inherit Hemoglobin C trait from
their parents just like eye color or hair
color. Your baby inherited Hemoglobin A
from one parent and Hemoglobin C from
the other parent. (AC = Hemoglobin C
trait.) Your baby was born with Hemoglobin
C trait and will always have it.
Hemoglobin C trait cannot be spread to
another person like the measles or a cold.
Hemoglobin C trait will not change into
disease later on.
Your baby with Hemoglobin C trait will
never get sickle cell disease.
Babies With Hemoglobin C Trait Are
Usually Healthy
Hemoglobin C trait will not affect your
baby’s chances of having a normal
healthy life. Hemoglobin C trait will not
make your baby sick. You should always
tell every doctor that sees your baby that
he/she was tested and has Hemoglobin C
trait. If your baby ever gets sick, this should
help the doctor know sickle cell disease is
not the problem.
Parents With Hemoglobin C Trait Can
Have Babies With Sickle Cell Disease
If one parent has hemoglobin C trait (AC)
and the other parent has sickle cell trait (AS),
their babies can have a sickle cell
disease. It is called Hemoglobin SC dis

Hemoglobin A2 is composed of two alpha and two delta chains. The level of Hb A2 increases gradually through the first year of life at which time adult levels are reached. Elevated levels (3.5 7.0%) of Hb A2 are seen with beta thalassemia trait. Several abnormal hemoglobins including Hb S, E, C and O may cause spurious elevation. To avoid misinterpretation, hemoglobin electrophoresis should be run on all samples. Hb A2 may be increased with megaloblastic anemia and decreased with iron deficiency anemia.

basicly start taking iron ect i dont think u have any major worries ok, talk to your dr but if its really bothering you call the labor ward or simply go n c another doc just to take your mind off it.
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I hope this helps you out some what and i forgot to say congrats love xxxx
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Thank you for your prompt response and for the congratulations. I just saw the results, but havent had a chance to see my OBGYN to discuss the result. I'll be 12 wks when I see her again, I'm currently 8wks.

Thank you!
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i think if it was something serious your dr would call you in so relax and enjoy being pregas ok. best of luck and please let us know how it goes with your dr...
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HgbA2 is 3.9.is there any danger.am I thalasemie carries?
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