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Is this a side effect o Provera (mediprogesterone)?

I am 44 trying to have my first baby. Three Yrs ago I was diagnosed with simple hyperplasia. My obgyn prescribed me Provera every other month to thin out my uterine lining. I started it 7/14/2019. I ovulated on 7/9/19. We accidentally messed up and had sex 7/6. On  Mon 7/15 I started feeling short sharp pains in my lower uterus. They lasted less than a minute each but the pains lasted for a few hours. Later that night in bed I was awoken by cramping. I have never experienced this before when I have taken Provera. What can this be? Is it possibly a side effect of Provera?
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Did you get a chance to check with your doctor about this?  How long have you been TTC?
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I have not had the chance to check with him. We have been trying to conceive since January of this yr. I did finish the Provera on 7/23. I haven't started my withdrawal bleeding yet. I always usually start two days after I finish the Provera. Its been 4 days. If I don't get anything by Mon I am going to call my dr. Thank you so very much for answering my  question.
Oh, no problem.  I was thinking about you.  It can take couples at least a year to conceive under the best of conditions so don't get discouraged.  You'll get your baby!  Let me know if you finally start or if you have to call your doctor. hugs
Thank you so very much <3 <3 I started my withdrawal bleeding this morning (Sun 7/28). I am hoping to have a baby. My obgyn wants me to see a specialist if we don't conceive in 6 mos. We started trying in January 2019. I hope we have our baby. Thank you so very much for being such an Angel <3 Hugs <3
Ah, you are very welcome.  That makes sense to move to a specialist in that time frame.  I know it can be a little daunting trying to conceive.  You are not alone.  Do you feel like people are pregnant all around you?  I always did.  hugs
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Hi!  Oh the joy of the trying to conceive journey!!  Been there.  It can be confusing and my advice is to try to have fun with it.  Anyway, I'd say that if you have been on provera before and didn't have this side effect, it is likely not that.  Other possibilities are that it is unrelated and is gastrointestinal in nature.  OR, you could have a simple cyst in your ovary. This is pretty common and most women will get one at some point.  They usually pass on their own but cause symptoms like you describe. When was your last period?  Normally, you can test for pregnancy 2.5 weeks after your the sex you wonder if made you pregnant. So, you are getting closer to that.  
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