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OPK - time of day & collection

So I have a question that has 2 parts... I have heard that for OPK it is best to NOT use the first urine of the day but to collect later in the afternoon...

1. What is the best time of the day to test for ovulation???

2. Do I need to wait for hours between going P to get an accurate test??? like with pregnancy tests...

I am drinking lots of fluids as part of my eating plan and have to P about every 2 hours or less... is that ok or do I need to cut back on the water to get 'stronger' results for the tests???

Just wanted to tell you Thank - you in advance and am really glad I found this website and support... sometimes i just go crazy wanting to talk about what I am doing and how it is going and no one really wants to hear it yet... until I am pregnant... but I can come here and read the questions and everyone's answers and get some of my questions answered and gain support from all of you... I also love to check out your pics or your families and especially see your stories on pics on being pregnant and the baby pics... I love it...Thank you!!!
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Trust me, I am not even close to an expert..lol.  Just someone who has been in the ttc race for a very long time.  

Yeah, sometimes it can be really short.  Up and down really quickly, so you only get an 8 hour window or so to catch it.  Not sure why that is, but it does happen.  The cycle I fell pregnant with Ryder, I tested first in the am - negative.  Tested around dinner time - positive.  Just out of curiousity, tested the next morning, negative.  So it was a quick one.  I have had others where I have tested positive for 2 or 3 days.  (you don't need to do that, I was just curious.)

I do take progesterone.  I am prescribed a drug called prometrium.  I take it orally, 100mg 3 times per day starting when I get a positive pregnancy test.  Others take it through suppositories, I just personally don't like it that way.  

I'm glad I can help...but please don't think I know it all....I definately don't.  I am constantly learning from the others here as well.  And none of the advice or opinions here should ever take the place of a Dr.  

Good luck!!
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Our LH surge usually begins in the morning, so it typically takes several hours to reach our urine.  For me, the best time always seemed to be late afternoon, around 5pmish.  As I got closer to what I thought was O time, I would often test twice a day, just in case.  Sometimes our surge can be short, and this way I didn't miss it.

You do need to have your urine somewhat concentrated.  Not as much as an HPT, but cut down liquids for a good 2 hours prior.  That is usually enough.  

You will typically ovulated anywhere from 12 to 72 hours after a positive, with the average being 24-36.

I'm glad your finding the support you need here.  I feel the same way.
People here seem to understand so much more then many in our "real" lives.  Good luck!
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lol..you can get now your doctor diploma...lol  you really are an expert!

I still in the moon abouth this things

thank god you are here in the forum , you help a lot of people with some knowledge info..

I always tell them to visit a doctor ....lol
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Thank you for the information... another question... you said you tested twice on some days ...

What times where those tests and does the LH surge happen that fast?? Say it happened at 8am and I tested at 4pm... could the presence of LH be gone already from my urine???

I have read before that you took progesterone a couple of times... When did you start taking it?? and for how long?? Did you take it after you ovulated.. right before and then until you knew you weren't pregnant???

As April162010 says above "thank god you are here in the forum , you help a lot of people with some knowledge info.. " When I am reading the answers to a question... I tend to look to see if you have answered it... You always give me something to think about!!! Thanks!
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Thanks for all your help... I start testing with the ovulation strips tomorrow - my cd 10...looking to get a pattern and some balance in all this!!!

Thanks again!!
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Good luck!!!  If you are using the strips you can watch for a fade in pattern.  Once you get close, start BD'ing...the more the better..lol!
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Better than OPK strips is an ovulation monitor. ClearBlue has a great one, you can buy it at RiteAid - that's where I bought mine. I conceived 3 times with it, it really makes life easier, particularly if you have irregular cycles. Expensive ($200 I think) but very useful!
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