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Pregnancy- Bloody discharge that stains pink

I’m really sorry to have to post this, and I know what it may sound like to some. My girlfriend is at 21 weeks, but besides pictures of the sonograms, I haven’t spoken to a doctor or been inside a practice. It’s been a very unusual pregnancy. 3 days ago, she was very upset, she sent me outside to get something I knew wasn’t in my truck, (went anyway to try and calm things down), and when I came back in a minute later, she had apparently discharged about an ounce of red fluid, blood to my untrained eye, only as it spread out and more so as it dried it turned and stained pink. I’m in the military, I know what blood does and how it stains. I never seen anything like this. She refused to go to urgent care as well...I’m starting to think something is going on that she isn’t telling me. I don’t want to confront her, it takes very little to set her off and I have been told we are very high risk. Does anyone have an idea of this medical phenomenon? Or should I really start asking more questions?
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Well, the thing with women is we have a lot of discharge and fluid and if blood mixes with it, it can be different than just plain old blood.  So, I'm not sure if that in itself is reason to suspect anything.  AT 21 weeks, she's saying she's had an ultrasound, right?  Why were you not invited to that?  I think I'd tell her you'd like to get more involved and plan to go to the next doctor's appointment with her. Setting her off sounds a bit strange to be honest.  Ya, pregnant women have hormones but you should not have to walk on egg shells!  That's not normal pregnancy hormones.  Getting upset, high risk or not also should not lead to a miscarriage.  This doesn't have to be a confrontation but you deserve if you are a full fledged boyfriend and father of this child to be involved and you can go to appointments.  :>)  Does she have any reason to fake a pregnancy?
I kind of figured. But the fluid turned from red to pink. And stainded my hands for a day and a half, that's with scrubbing. It just struck me as odd. The color change and the persistence of the staining. It even stained the wall pink and peroxide doesnt take it off. Which should work with bodily fluids, no? As for the other questions....I work ona military base and cant leave often due to the nature of my duties. That's the reason Im given. She'll have an issue, go see urgent care, where they occaionally do an ultrasound, and then make an appointment to follow up. Before then another issue will happen and the cycle continues. That's the reason im given for not being there with her. Bad timing.
She is on a asthma medication that requires someone to live with her until December. That could be a reason. Though i hope she isnt that kind of person. At least 2 nights of the week is anarchy. Where im accused of awful things, and it spirals into here going asthmatic and cramps. Something im deseperate to not happen. But it goes on for hours. Not sure what to do at this point.

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Well, blood DOES wash off and doesn't stain hands.  That's true and very weird.  She to be honest sounds volatile and unstable emotionally.  Sure you want to be with someone like that?  Go to the doctor with her soon.
Honestly, I would have been gone by now if not for the pregnancy. A dad should be there for his baby. I just, so many things dont add up. If she is pregnant and miscarries because i wasnt around. What does that make me. I guess all i can do is insist on being at the next appointment. If I dont get that, then I suppose that answers my question. A guy should have to ask to see a sonogram in real time of his baby girl, right?
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