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Short of breathe

Hi there!

So this is my first pregnancy and I'm 36 weeks and a few days. I have a few questions and here is my first; I've been feeling short of breathe lately and it feels like my chest has something very heavy on it. Is there anything I should worry about?

My next question is; I'm suppose to be feeling the Braxton Hicks contractions, but for the life of me I can't tell them apart from the actual contractions to the BHC. I know it's suppose to be painful, but irregular, and was also told that it feels like the cramps of a period. I am rather confused and concerned because I feel cramps but never around my lower back. Please help!
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I've had shortness of breath issues for a while since I'm carrying so high I assume (I'm 37 weeks). It's started to subside some now that I'm starting to drop, but it comes and goes. My doc says it's normal as long as I don't get dizzy or something and can still speak. But I know the feeling you are talking about. It freaked me out at first, but I just expect it now depending on what I'm doing.

As far as the BHC, from what I understand, they come more in short waves and are not supposed to be painful like labor contractions. I've had those for a long time. At this point, my stomach just gets really, really tight and hard and it stays that way for quite a while. It'll be fine to sit, but when I walk it feels like a bowling ball is sitting on my bladder. My doc said that was normal as well. Is that like what you are describing?
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I have been having BHC for a while now (I am 36 weeks) and I dont find them painful. They come and go sometimes I have them several times a day or not for several days on between. My stomach tightens for a few seconds to a min. They are not regular. They are hard to walk thru tho. Hope it helps.
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I'm also carrying pretty high and mine does come and go, but I can't breath at times which makes it hard to speak and just today I have started to get dizzy. I thought the same thing because it keeps coming back when I'm sitting, but also when I walk.

At one point my belly started to tighten all around and as well as my lower back, and also getting cramps like a period, BUT I can't tell! Haha, Thanks so much it is what I'm describing!

Breanna_d; it does come and go for about a minute or so, and not always day after day. I was told it would be hard to explain as for some say it's different, hmm I guess I just need to keep track of it..=S
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I was told last nite in labor and delivery that a contraction is a contraction.  The only difference is the name and it all deals with the cervix.  If the contractions are causing you to dilate we just say contractions.  But if not they're called Braxton Hicks.  But in reality they are the same thing.  
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My belly gets really tight for about a minute and there is the bowling ball sensation down there and lots of pressure.  Try drinking a large glass of water and lying on your left side when it gets bad.
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I understand they're the same but I just wanted to get more details on it, some say it's the same and some say it's different, it all depends on the body. But thanks, I really appreciate the comment. =)
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Oh I always get that feeling! My mother-in-law told me it wasn't a cramp/contraction cause it happens more around the lower back to the front, like cramps of a period...But lately it's been tight all around. I'm drinking tons of water and I do find lying down does help, Thank you again =D
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