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Will skipping a month of Provera harm me?

I am a 44 yr old woman and I want to have a baby. Will skipping a monthly dose of Provera harm me? I just had a negative pregnancy test because I had to wait two weeks I haven't started it. If I start it now and have my period and ovulate , I am just going to have to start it again. I normally start it on the 4th. I am also thinking of starting the 1st instead. Also will not taking it help me ovulate longer. Any advise would be wonderful.
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Hi there.  So, I'm trying to understand where you are at with trying to conceive and with usage of provera.  Do you get a period without it normally?  What day of your cycle does your doctor normally have you start it on and do you take it for 10 days? Are you working with your doctor?  This is not your first baby that you are trying to have?  Sorry for all the questions.  lol  Just trying to get a feel for things with you. Are you also using clomid?

Here's an older thread with a lot of women talking about this. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Womens-Health/prescribed-Provera-while-trying-to-get-pregnant/show/29098
Hi, I have a history of simple hyperplasia ( I produce too much estrogen) and the lining of my uterus can become too thick and I have developed precancerous polyps twice. The provera is supposed to help keep the lining thinner. My obgyn prescribed it for me. I usually start it the 4th of the month for 10 days. I am going to switch it to the 1st. This would be my first baby.  I do get my period regularly but it is heavy. The provera is supposed to make it a little lighter.  I have never used clomid. I have heard of it but am not very familiar with it. I did have the Mirena IUD to control my hyperplasia but I had it removed in January so my husband and I could have a baby. My obgyn is amazing and is supporting us. I just didn't want to cause any harm to myself or possibly any baby we are trying to have. Thank you so very much for the help.
I hadn't taken it this month because I was told by my obgyn to wait 2 weeks to take a pregnancy test ( it was negative). I am just afraid that if I start it now, I will be taking it too close to when I start it again and may lose my chance this month to try again to have a baby. Any advice is wonderful
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Oh, thanks for the additional details. Helpful.  So, in all seriousness, don't wait long. First time babies at 44 are trickier to have.  You will want to switch to a fertility specialist pretty quickly.  Especially with an issue of hormonal imbalance. And coming off mirena and progesterone.  Clomid is something that stimulates egg release.  The issue with our age is that we have fewer eggs as we get older any  way.  So, they'd probably want to check that.  It takes the average couple with no issues to conceive about a year to do so. But I would not wait that long. Give yourself six months of trying on your own and then hit the fertility doctor. And maybe even consider ramping it up to artificial insemination at that time.  

This is not to worry you!  It's just a bit of a time crunch as you know.  Sure fun trying but I want you to be successful!!  
Do you take your temp daily?
Thank you. I will def talk to a specialist if my husband and I don't conceive in 6 months. I don't take my temp daily. I really should. I really appreciate your help.
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I did really find temp taking revealing.  It gave me a clearer picture of when I ovulated and I knew if I was getting my period. So, you take it every single morning before you even get out of bed.  I just had a cheap digital under the tongue thermometer. I would jot down the temp on a chart.  And a clear patter emerges.  Your temp should raise a full degree when you ovulate.  It stays that full degree higher until you get your next period.  So, I would know my period was about to start as my temp would drop back down. The only two times it didn't was when I had successfully gotten pregnant!  It just gives a better idea of your cycle which is helpful in timing sex.  My doctor also recommends that you track your cycle. First day of period is cycle day 1. Then count from there. On day 10 of your cycle, begin having sex EVERY OTHER day for the next 10 days (longer if you have a longer than average cycle). This normally gives you a good chance of catching the egg.
Thank you so very much!!!! I will def do that. I do track my cervical changes, but this will hopefully help me. I really appreciate the help.
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