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blood clot near cervix

I'm about 15w pg with our first baby. My first trimester was very uneventful and all u/s (all 6) indicate that our bean is healthy and developing normally. At 13 weeks, I woke up and when I went to the bathroom I was spotting heavily. Throughout the rest of the day, I did not spot nor bleed anymore but there was blood when I wiped. it went away after a few days. A few days later I woke up during the night, went to the bathroom, and was spotting heavily again. Same thing happened as before. Since then, the same thing has happened 2 more times. The OB sent me to a perinatologist to check it out and he told us that I have a blood clot near the cervix. He also said that although it isn't normal, he sees a lot of them. He said that the risk of a late-term miscarriage has increased a little bit, but there is nothing we can do about it. He told us that we have to just wait and see. Has anyone experienced something similar? Is wait and see the usual treatment?
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Yes actually im 17wks&5d and I went for an ultrasound a few days ago and they told me the samething tht I had a bloodclot behind my cervix and it can cause an early miscarriage but the Dr did give me 3 options either I can have my cervix sowed,vaginal suppository medicine or getn a shot every week I chose the vaginal medicine becuz they said thts knwn to wrk betta im prayn it work my baby due in Nov and we are so excited to knw we having a girl but right now we just stayn praynful everyday so I say this hun dnt get discourage everything gone be ok just try nt to stress or over work yourself....Gud luck and God bless I will pray for u :)
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Thanks for the replies! When the doctor said wait and see, I wanted to scream. I was glad they found an explanation, I just would feel better if there was something the doctor could have suggested to "fix" it. The doctor offered to bring me in for another u/s in a couple weeks, but I'm not worried about the baby being healthy - I'm worried about my body causing a m/c.

Adgal - very glad to hear that the bleeding stopped. Your situation sounds just like mine. I will stay calm and hopefully in a few weeks the spotting will stop.

BabyBlue07 - I will ask about the cervix. The u/s tech took lots of pictures of my cervix but the doctor did not mention anything about the cervix. My regular OB told me no exercise, no walking, etc. so I have been on restricted activity for about a week. I will probably continue with that just to be on the safe side.
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I'm pregnant at 6w5d and went for my first US, the doc informed me I have a blood clot. I'm curious, did everything turn out ok for you and the baby and is there anything I can do to avoid future clots?
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I was bleeding around week 9 and went to see my doctor.. she checked and said my cervix was not closed.... put me bed rest for 3 weeks and if still bleeding, then she will have surgery to sew the cervix... thank god when i have check up on week 12.. my cervic complete closed... bed rest could help the bleeding..

most doctor do not check cervix to see if it's open or closed... it's okay to ask them that... miscarriage could cause by imcompotent cervix...

good luck to you.
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This sounds similar to what I had except it was first trimester for me.  I bled (bright red) on and off for several weeks, with brown spotting in between.  It would go away for a few days then start up again.  They found what they called a hematoma on my ultraound (I am pretty sure it's the same as a blood clot?).  Anyway, so far so good, and the bleeding completely stopped a few weeks ago.  No mention of it on my last ultrasound. My pregnancy seems to be progressing just fine.  

I have met many women on here with the same thing and as far as I know all their babies were born healthy!   Wait and see does seem to be the normal way they handle it.  It eventually bleeds itself out. Try not to worry, it's not uncommon at all.  Good luck.
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