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cocaine and marijuana

i had a period up until i was 6 months so i wasn't aware i was pregnant i went to a party and smoked and did cocaine for the first time i missed my period after that went to the docs found out i was pregnant the 7th they tested me said i tested positive for both i have a 6 year old son they said they reported me to the police and cps im in fl. One will my baby be ok i have i messed my poor little angel up for life two will they take my babies from me and three is there anyway to stop this from showing in his/her meconium  plz help i have never done drugs i was curious what do i do i grew up in foster care its NOT a good place how could i be sooo stupid!!!
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One, as long as it's not a regular thing, baby will be fine. Even though they're still developing in there, babies are pretty resilient. Just don't make a habit of it. Cocaine should be out of your system within a few days, a week max if you did a lot. Marijuana stores in your fat cells and accumulates, so it can stay in your system anywhere from two weeks to 90 days. Depending on how frequently you use.
Two, they will not take your babies away for one mistake. They may want to check up on you at home, do extra drug screens during prenatal visits, and/or drug test you and baby at delivery. If it really was a one time thing, CPS will recognize that after they do whatever they need to to ensure you're providing a safe environment for your children.
As for three, I don't even think a fetus had started producing meconium by 6 or 7 months. But I'm not positive, other than staying clean there wouldn't be much you can do. So just stay clean, try not to stress on it. If you can pass your drug tests, baby should be able to too.
It'll be ok. We all make mistakes. Talk to your doctor about what happens next and what you can and should do to ensure a healthy remainder of your pregnancy. Good luck.
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Some people dont get a bu m py or symptoms for a ehile...and if ur on the heavier side its harder to tell...so u cant assume that she new **** happens...as for you helpme2mom...people make.mistakes and its ok ur baby should be fine...but stay clean and coporate with everyone involed so they can see...even if that means u have to take scrennings after birth just to show them...but im praying for u and wishing u the best of luck
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So if I understand this right you had marijuana/cocaine "once" during your pregnancy and it was at about 6 months?  If so, it is incredibly unlikely that this will harm your baby.  Unfortunate that you missed your period and were drug tested in the 3-4 days after the drug use.

As for the merconium - a one time drug use will likely only result in a very small amount of drugs in baby's merconium, if that, however, you have already tested positive in a blood test.  What happens to baby will depend on rules in your state - you should be able to look that up online or find out from your dr.

Good luck!
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When I got pregnant with my first I was a heavy drug user. I was still in school and took stuff to keep me awake to study. I did not know till I was over three months pregnant. The drugs covered up my pregnancy symptoms. So for over three months of pregnancy during the development period I was doing heavy drug usage. I got real sick at that point and stopped taking stuff to recuperate thought I may have got some bad product. I got really sick after that and knew I needed to go to the hospital. When I went to the hospital they did a pregnancy test and it was positive, they did an ultrasound and said I was almost four months pregnant. I was so worried about my baby and never took any of those things again and never will.

Don't get me wrong I was not on birth control but I had problems with my ovaries and was told even as a child that I would never have kids. They were so sure they told my mother when I was six or seven that she should let them remove my overviews, she said absolutely no and it was better to risk my life then take away my chance at having children. If I would have known I could get pregnant I would have never did drugs of any kind without being on birth control and using condoms. But it happened and I felt so bad I did not take anything while pregnant no Tylenol no tums no nothing I just suffered. I even had natural birth refused pain meds. My daughter was fine.

There is nothing you can do now. All you can do is the right thing from now on. Do what is right for your baby and follow all protocol by children services. I was in Florida also but my Dr never reported me because I was honest and was clean when they tested me again. Good luck don't worry but don't do anymore drugs.
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