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major scare today

I'll try keep this short...8 wks pregnant 36yrs old....from the time I started bleeding at work today till the time I got to the hospital which was 15mins I had soaked 2 pairs of trackies and was on my second pad,also a huge blood clot came out,doc examined me and my cervix was open,had ultrasound 2 hrs later to find there was still a baby and heartbeat was fine,was told I had a threatened miscarriage and I could go home that was at 3:30pm today..I'm still bleeding and still have cramps and back pain,trying not to stress but its hard not to :(
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I dont understand, how can your cervix be open and dr tell you to go home and relax. Did he say its a matter of time before you pass the baby? Did he say your cervix will close again???  (I dont see how)
Am I missing something?
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I had a lot of bleeding during my pregnancy but cervix was always closed.  If it is open this early on you may have incompetent cervix.  Talk to your ob ASAP since a cerclage can solve that problem.
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Sorry I should of mentioned doc said it was open a little bit,he didn't tell me if it would close again,and he said my pregnancy could still go either way,I'll b making an app with my usual doc this morn
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My doc has just told me its normal for my cervix to be open a little as I've had 2 kids and so the implantation blood can come out,apparently I have a lot more blood than usual,was told if I'm going to loose the baby it will be from now till Monday and there's nothing I can do to stop it..had more bloods done to check hcg levels hopefuly there still going up got my fingers crossed
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I would take 16 red raspberry capsules a day. This lady was hemorrhaging in her second month of pregnancy. She was in hospital for two weeks flat on her back. The bleeding slowed down a little. They told her to go home and stay down. She took 16 capsules of Red Raspberry a day and the bleeding stopped within two days.
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Ok Im glad it wasnt totally open. Its a good sign that while you were bleeding the baby and heartbeat was good, I would think that alot of blood for a miscarriage would be a sign that the baby had already passed and the body is exspelling it.  This doesnt seem like  your case, but I would def keep checking that cervix. Good luck.
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The exact same thing happened to me in 2004 with my now seven year old son. I thought for sure I had miscarried because I had several prior to him so I knew what they felt like. The pain, the clots and the bleeding was too heavy not to have miscarried. I got to the hospital and he was moving around in there. I was 9 weeks 4 days. I found out I had a subchorionic hematoma. My doctor told me to take it easy. He put me on baby aspirin to thin out the clot and make it bleed out. I bleed until I was 16 weeks pregnant,  not heavy, just enough to wear a panty liner every single day. If finally stopped and my son was healthy! I know how scared you are but the worst thing you can do is worry because it won't change a thing. It's in God's hands. I will keep you in my prayers. Relax and just enjoy being pregnant!
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Thank you ladys for your comments I really appreciated it,well the bleeding has calmed down and is now a very dark brown colour,so guess. That's old blood,still have the pains though,but hopefuly they will stop to soon,have another ultrasound booked for Tuesday just to check our little one is still going strong,once again thank you Xx
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You are in my prayers! Let me know how your ultrasound goes!
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