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Dont know if i have miscarried or not confused

Hi just need alittle advise really and am sorry for the rant.
Well i will start from the begining last year in feb i was ment to have been sterlised which wasnt the case in the end but about 6 weeks ago i did a test which came back negative and the week later i repeated it as it was my period due date it came back positive so i was in shock and confused in a sense so i left it till the following monday where i went to the docs to confirm that i was pregnant on the friday i had some pains in my sides and my shoulder so the doc sent me to the hospital and i went to epd where they did a ultra sound external and found a sac but couldnt tell how far i was so told me to come bk friday just gone for another scan this time they lost my notes and asked me over 4 times if i had been to the hospital before any how i went to the scan room and the consultant was there he did an external and found the sac and the yolk and baby inside measuring at 3mm he proceeded to tell me he wanted to get a better view as he thought i was 9 weeks?????? So i said i may bleed as i have been feeling pressure and the nurse rwplied well if ya bleed i can go get another uniform anyway he did the internal and i bleed he told me he got the same picture and he doesnt think the baby was growing then told me he cudnt find a fetal pole which i havemt ever found out i have been pregnant before 3 months so i explained this and my children are all small and no one knows how far i am etc so he gave me three weeks to see baby grow etc so they can give it a chance how they put it and then yesterday it was like i needed a wee just poured wiv bright red blood and clots large ones and small but its continued today i rang epu up over 20 times while i was passing the clots which are still comin out now to be not answered one time i went to hospital today after doc became worried as am still heavy bleeding and large clots coming out and nothing that resembles a sac or anything the doc in the hospital said that my womb is tilted which was unusal to him and he removed the clots left and nothing that he saw was a baby or sac he also saw pics and tubs ov clots as i catched them and told me my hcg evels was now 4000 when thy was 5000 apparently dnt have a clue and then told me to come back for a scan on the thrusday this week to check i have passed everything but he said it could be a fake miscarriage cant remembwr the medical term for it but with the hcg levels decreasing he said it doesnt look good am confused whats happening
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Unfortunately, it sounds like a miscarriage- I'm so sorry!  With the bleeding and the HCG levels going down- that is usually pretty clear indicators that a miscarriage is occurring.  One of the really hard things about this situation though, is that, you do have to hang in there and wait and see for a little bit in order to be sure.  Do you have a doctor or just visiting the ER?  If you don't have a doctor, make sure you have one lined up that can advocate for you and explain what's happening a bit better.  Are they going to check your HCG levels again?  Do you have a follow up for another ultrasound?  Those are two things that they can do- in about a week or so.  The follow ups are going to give you the best idea of what is happening- but I know it's very hard to just wait to know for sure what is happening.  Keep us updated on how you are doing.  
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My hcg levels was 5000 but yesterday  they had only gone down  1000 in over 3 days and the doc said my cervix was closed and non off the blood clots looked like a baby or sac and i have ultrasound tomorrow with blood tests hopefully and then talking to the doc i just feel so out ov place
I'm sure this doesn't help, but it's totally normal to feel out of place and confused with things like this- when you don't have a straight forward answer, you are just left up in the air.  Unfortunately, they can't give you one for sure until you have those other tests run- and even then you might have to still wait and see what will happen.  Hoping for some positive information tomorrow at your ultrasound for you and baby!

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