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Hcg keep on dropping down...am so confused at the moment.

Hi there! When I first found out that I was pregnant through pt on June 19, I went to my dr the next day to confirm if am really pregnant. So my dr did urine test and it was positive that I was pregnant. My dr calculated it based from my last period which was April 20 but I am irregular. So during that visit to my dr she said Im more on 8-9 weeks so she scheduled me for an u/s the following week. On my first u/s, they said I wasnt 8-9 weeks but I was more on 5-6 weeks but they couldn’t detect any heartbeat though there was a gestational sac in there. They suspected it was too early to detect the heartbeat and they asked me to come back 2 weeks after. The following week I had my dr’s appointment again for follow up then explained to me everything about the results of my u/s. Dr said that I might leading to a miscarriage then all of a sudden she realized that she might be wrong about the miscarriage part because Im irregular. At that time I still having breast sore and up to this date, no vaginal bleeding. So my dr sent me for my first blood test for hcg, the following day I had 18,000 which was really really good. 2 days after, I went to another blood test and my hcg dropped down to 14,400. 4 days after I found out, I went to the emergency coz of I was feeling nauseous and a bit of cramp (not too painful). They did an u/s but then again, they couldn’t see any heartbeat. Did some blood test for my hcg and it dropped down again to 10,000. Is this really now enough proof that am leading to a miscarriage? Tomorrow I am going to see my Gynecologist see what she says. The dr from the emergency said that I have 2 options: one is that I can have the miscarriage naturally, that it’ll come out by itself or I can take the pills (forgot what is it called). At this point I don’t know what to do, cannot really make any decision. Im just hoping and praying that miracles will come since it’s my first pregnancy.
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So sorry about the news you are getting about your HCG going down- when you don't know for sure and are just waiting for time to pass to know for sure, and are trying to digest all this news, it can be extremely difficult!  
They should be able to get you in for some follow up tests- another ultrasound and more blood work to check on HCG levels.  Let us know how your appointment goes today- and remember, you don't have to make a decision about taking those pills right now- you can request follow up tests to be certain about the miscarriage.  HCG levels going down is not a good sign, but it's not conclusive in all cases- and since you are not sure how far along you are, it's reasonable to wait and see what follow up tests will show.
Please let us know how you are doing!  
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I am so very sorry for this stressful and what must be a very emotional experience.  I'm sending you cyber hugs because I know this is hard.  It does look like from what is happening with your HCG and ultrasounds that you are possibly miscarrying.  I'm so so sorry.  You sound like you have a relationship with your doctor and know them pretty well with a good doctor patient relationship.  I would get their guidance.  There are pluses and cons to everything.  And I guess the pills just speed up the process?  Otherwise, naturally would seem a good option and then you can take the pills if it does not fully complete or anything is left.  The pills work by inducing contractions within the womb that expels anything there.  I'm sure this is not the outcome you wanted and you're on an emotional roller coaster.  I just can't say sorry enough.  Do you have a supportive partner?
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