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No gestational sac at 5 week u/s w HCG of 3622. Could this be normal?

My HCG was 308 at 18 DPO. 20 DPO it was at 625. 24 DPO it was at 3622. Went in for a transvaginal ultrasound at 24 DPO and no gestational sac was seen.  Has anybody had this happen on go on to have a healthy pregnancy?
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Oh my gosh, so confusing!  Your hCG levels almost doubled!  In what time frame between tests did that happen?  Is that typical of a corpus luteum cyst?  Sure, it can produce hCG but following along the same kind of path with pregnancy increasing like that?  And you CAN be pregnant and have the cyst at the same time.  Anyway, I guess you know that this *could* be the cyst but it also may not be.  And your doctors have to understand why you'd feel that way and they too should continue to monitor this.  Do you have another ultrasound scheduled at 7 or 8 weeks?  By then, you can often hear the heart beat and all so that will be much more telling. But I'm sorry that it is so confusing and hope that your doctors are treating you with gentleness during this time.  Please let me know what happens next.  hugs
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Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot!! I actually live in both KS and CO and was treated for an ectopic in feb of this year. I was in CO and my OB there treated me.  I’m in KS now so I have just been going to my family physician for blood draws and he clearly has no idea what he’s doing.   I went ahead and talked to my OB here in Kansas that did my laparoscopy 15 years ago and she couldn’t believe all the things they were telling me.   And to top it all off they were telling me all this stuff through email telling me that after the radiologist report I had  “No pregnancy”  telling me I was having an early miscarriage.   She said it sounded like a normal pregnancy to her and my numbers looked great.  My family physician was out and the doctor covering for him even got rude with me when I called up and asked if they were able to fax my paperwork over to my OB in Colorado.  So rude! I just went through a traumatic even with the ectopic and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t at risk to bleed to death! It’s been a huge mess !
I’m doing my best to keep calm but it’s hard to when there’s a dr pretty much rooting for me to get bad news.   He emailed me yesterday my hCG results and said again my levels are not consistent with a five week pregnancy that my levels are consistent with the ovary the radiologist saw on my ovary.   My OB said that was one of the stupidest thing she’s ever heard.   She said yes it could be possible for a cyst to produce a little hCG but not trending upward consistently like a pregnancy does.   She told me that at their practice they will not even take a woman in for a transvaginal ultrasound until there between 6000 and 10,000 hCG.   She said even if my numbers were off and I was six weeks right now that’s still a great number for an hCG and she said it going from 3622 to 6032 in a 48 hour is totally normal she said that was still a very significant increase from 3622. She also said she’s clueless why he would even throw miscarriage out there with no symptoms and a steady increasing HCG. She was appalled at all the crazy things my family physician is telling me.  I’m taking her advice and going with the flow at this point. I go in tomorow to check HCG again. Wish me luck!
The HCG test was about 46 hours apart..we’re going to keep at the blood draws and shoot for an ultrasound if and when my levels are past 10,000
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This is a question we see a lot so it must be fairly common.  5 wks is still really early. I would not yet be concerned about not being able to see the sac.  Your HCG is also within a range that is included for 5 weeks of pregnancy.  So I don't see a reason to be concerned there either. They often do a follow up HCG to see if that number is increasing.  Did your doctor schedule that? What did your doctor say? From my perspective, I'd follow up with your doctor and obviously do another HCG and ultrasound to check on things but would not stress at this point!  Good luck and let us know how it goes.  How are you feeling?  Any pregnancy symptom?
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Thank you for the positive response!  I was surprised that they would even want to do an ultrasound this early.  I am currently waiting on my next blood test as we speak I will post as soon as I get it!
Also something I found very odd they found a corpus luteum cyst on my right ovary which I’ve read looks like they’re pretty common in early pregnancy and they are telling me that the cyst is the reason I am testing positive and showing hCG levels and I am not pregnant.  I’ve had polycystic ovary‘s and endometriosis diagnosed since I was 17 and have never had a cyst stop my period and cause HCG levels to rise  and I will consistent with how it does during pregnancy.   I’m not saying that it could not happen but it seems very odd to me.  I am not pleased with the doctors at this point
And rise* not “I will”
My HCG was 6032

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