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Please help. Please let me know the details related to this Urinalysis


I am 18 weeks pregnant and I got the following test results from my doctor.

Please help me to understand the severity of each and every thing mentioned in the result below:
                         Ph: 7.0
Appearance: slightly turbid
Color: yellow
        Specific Gravity: 1.009
Protein: negative mg/dL
Glucose, Qual Urine: normal mg/dL
Ketones: negative
Blood: small
Bilirubin: negative
Urobilinogen: normal mg/dL
Leuk Est: moderate
Nitrite: negative
High White Blood Cells Urine: 7 /hpf
Red Blood Cells Urine: 4 /hpf
Urine Bacteria: few
High Squamous Epithelial Cells: 6 /hpf
U Hyal Cst: 2 /lpf
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I agree with RockRose, those numbers indicate a very mild infection. Your WBCs and RBCs are slightly elevated, but only slightly. Those are what indicate infection along with the small presence of blood in your urine.
Your epithelial cell count is perfectly within the normal range and everything else looks great. They may throw you on some antibiotics, but it wouldn't cause any harm to either of you. Try the nurse again in a bit, but it looks as if there's nothing to worry about really.
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I could guess,  but I'm just guessing.  Looks like you may have a very mild bladder infection.

Since you got the results from your doctor,  can you call the nurse and ask what all this means?
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Sometimes pregnancy can cause slight inflammation and blood in urine. Also if you had sex a day or so before it can show blood in urine. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Like the others said, even if it is a little infection they will just give you antibiotics. I have always had a little blood in my urine even before pregnancy and they ran tons of test and dr. Just said it's my normal.
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Thanks a lot for assuring me. It made me feel good. Thank you :)
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If anyone can explain me the severity of each terms used in the report like the WBC count, RBC count, High Squamous Epithelial Cells count etc
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Thanks for your reply rockrose.
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I am trying to contact nurse, but haven't got any response from them yet.

And these results are making me more and more anxious related to me and my baby's good health :(
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