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Pregnancy with a possible cancer at the same time

Please allow me to describe my case in some detail. I am a male of 36 years married to a 34 yr woman since last 1 year. This is our case history -

Case history

1. Since April-2015 my wife felt a small outgrowth in her cervical region. it was very small and she didnt tell anybody.

2. In august+spetember we went for HCG+related treatment for assisted ovulation.

3. there was an ultrasound scan done almost every few days in that period. that scan was very unconfortable for her. she told to doctor that there is some growth. doctor dismissed it at that time.

4. in mid september, doctor took her off all treatment and recommended to try concieving naturally for three months.

5. it did succeed in november. our guess is that she concieved on 18-20 november. but we did not not know it.

6. By the last week of december the growth has grown very large and that is when she told me. this scared the hell out of me. we immidiately went to doctor, who recommended immidiate polypectomy. we did that the very next day. the excised polyp was more that 5 centimeters long. there was also an ultrasound scan which revelaed pregnancy of 4-5 weeks.

7. after the surgery, she took rest for 4 days and then resumed going for work (it was very foolish of me to allow that). this was 31st december 2015.

8. she started bleeding within 3 hours of reaching office. i immidiately got her to hospital and she was now admitted for 4 days.

9. on 4-th jan 2016 she was discharged and i collected her biopsy on monday 11-th jan. she has been on bed rest since then on an extended medical leave.

10. upon seeing biopsy, the doctor said that this is not a very good sign. it could be pre-cancerous. but due to pregnancy, we have to wait till delivery for any further treatment. she plans to do a second biopsy at the time of delivery. she advised me not to reveal anything to my wife at this stage.

11. meanwhile my wife seems to be getting no better. her appetite is reduced. she feels full most of the time and has to go to toilet very often. she says that her belly seems full upto the neck most of the time. she has deeloped very strong sense of smell these days and refuses to eat most of the food she used to eat just 4 weeks back.

the above is the full description of our case. needless to say, it has taken the living daylights out of me. we had so dearly longed for a baby ... now along with the baby we have this too

The Biopsy is attached below. What is the prognosis? and is it right for us to wait till delivery?
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This isn't a doctor forum. No one here is an oncologist, or any other variation of medical doctor. No one here can give you a professional answer. You should seek another opinion from a different doctor.
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Im praying for you all
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However, everything you stated in #11 could be pregnancy symptoms.   They are for me. God luck with the biopsy information.    I hope it turns out to be nothing.  
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#11 were all pregnancy symptoms for me as well.
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First, I had something very similar happen to me, mine was an ovarian cyst that the doctors believed to be stage 2 to stage 3 cancer.  They were unable to do the surgery locally due to the complexity of it, they sent me 5 hours away to a specialist.  A month later, they scheduled the surgery.
Right before they took me back, they said my pregnancy test came back positive and said that they did not recommend the surgery due to the risk of miscarriage.  My husband and I disagreed and said that they surgery was more important than waiting until 20 weeks to do the surgery with the same risk of miscarriage.  Plus my husband had a vasectomy and honestly thought that the cyst was throwing my hormones off and it was a false positive.  When they took the cyst out, it was a lot larger than they thought, it was actually hip to hip and I would have never been able to carry the baby to 20 weeks. oh and it turned out I was 4-5 weeks pregnant!
When I got home, I called my local OBGYN and it turned out I was 7 weeks (by the time I got to see him).  I had really bad morning sickness for the beginning of the pregnancy, some from the bowel prep I had before surgery and the rest because, I was pregnant!
I am currently 40 weeks + 2 days pregnant.  Have been having some labor pains since yesterday!
My advice is, not to keep information from your wife, you guys are a team and she should know the truth.  These next 9 months are going to be stressful enough and you dont want to be keeping secrets like that.  Also, you have the choice to go through with a surgery instead of keeping the baby.  This is something you should decide together, not you and her Doctor.  I hope that everything turns out well for you both.
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