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Am I pregnant?

* my periods don’t usually do this*

Hello, I am 18 years old and I am looking for some help. Back in February, I had my period. It was the 19th - 23rd. During that cycle, I had one day where my period flow stopped for a little bit. So I ended up having unprotected sex with my now ex boyfriend. Within minutes of doing it my cycle started back up so we stopped right away. He did not finish inside of me, but once I felt / noticed that my cycle was started up again, I was scared of being pregnant. I told my ex “I better not be pregnant.” From that moment on I was worried that I wasn’t going to get my period, that I was pregnant. But I waited until my period came and it did (23rd-27th). Just this time it was different, the first day was spotting for roughly an hour or so and no cramping so I decided to take a pregnancy test, with my friend and it was negative! The next day my cycle was a bit light, with my regular back pain. For the rest of that cycle I just had a light cycle, without any more back pain or period cramps. I was still worried for a few more days which eventually stopped. Around April 2nd I just had a weird tight / cramp feeling in my stomach, I’m not really sure how to describe how it really felt. When that happened I got the “what if I’m pregnant?” Thought again, so I just waited around for my April period to come and something weird happened, it came on the exact same date as the one from the month prior, normally my periods just come around the same timeframe, this period was from the 23rd to maybe the 28th. I had one day of extreme back pain and a really light flow, and the rest was spotting, so again I took another pregnancy test and it was negative. After that I was still worried I was pregnant so almost a week after doing that test I took another one because my Lower stomach has felt funny. ( sometimes all over my stomach) heavy / tight & crampy. And I felt nauseous. That one came back negative too. Then a few days later I took a first response digital test and that one came back negative as well, I’m still waiting for this months period to start up, but I just need some help and advice, I am 18 and me and my parents aren’t really close so I don’t feel comfortable going to them. Today I felt some of a stingy feeling in my lower stomach and on my groin areas. And the last two days ive noticed a clear / sticky wet type of discharge when wiping. I have also noticed i have the “urge” to go number 2 and not much is happening. I haven’t been sleeping or eating well because of this situation and I just need help, I’m not pregnant right? I know some people can get false negatives / results at home and I just can’t go to a doctor right now.
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I think you've had enough negatives that you should wrap up the worry about being pregnant.  Your period sounds off and you are currently a little irregular.  Hormonal changes can do that.  The pill could rectify it and get you back on track.  Normally I'd say take one more test but you've tested enough.  
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