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Could I be pregnant?

Hi all recently I engaged in protected sex with my boyfriend. After the deed, he could not find the condom so we assumed that it was on the floor. Later on I was able to find it and it was inside me. My boyfriend didn’t cum in me or the condom however on the safe side I got plan B just in case to ensure I would not get pregnant. My last period was April 18th in which I was on birth control. However due to the side effects I stopped taking it in the start the of April. Ever since then I’ve been using condoms. This is the first time this has ever happened to me and I’m afraid. I have taken plan B many times before, due to faulty condoms but I’m just scared. I tracked my ovulation and it says I ovulated on day 14. I also have checked my cervical mucas and it is somewhat wet but becomes very dry when it hits the air. I have read online that you can ovulate from up to day 19 and now I am concerned if I would really will get pregnant. I’m afraid and not sure what to do please help!
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Between PlanB and no ejaculation the chance of pregnancy is vanishingly small. Condoms can get lost like this because the reservoir does not accommodate the semen which backs up the shaft of the penis and lubricates it enough to slide off. In your case he must have lost his erection and stayed in too long. It’s good practice for someone to reach down and make sure penis and condom come out as one. An IUD might be cheaper in the long run.
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How often are you taking Plan B? Are you sure the side effects you think are from the pill aren't from the Plan B?

You don't say what day of your cycle you had the sex on, so it's hard to say what could happen, but if he didn't ejaculate inside you, the chances are really, really low. You also used Plan B, lowering the chances even more.

Since you have such a fear of pregnancy - which is normal if you aren't ready to be a parent - you should explore your birth control options with your doctor. There may be another pill that works for you, or another method.

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Hi! So I would like to conclude the last time I woke plan B was last year, August because I was assaulted. When I say I take it a lot I don’t mean every single day or every week. Instances are usually distant like 3-5 months. I had sex on day 17 of my cycle. I would also like to include that I took Plan B 9 hours off the incident the brand is one step, and I’ve taken it within 24 hours.
My apologies day 18 of my cycle.
It doesn't sound super likely that you are pregnant, due to the timing of the sex and the Plan B. But whether or not you dodged the bullet this time, I agree with auntiejessie that you really need a more reliable form of birth control.

Plan B is meant to be used very rarely, perhaps once in like three years at most. It's a very a heavy dose of hormones. They tell women who take hormone replacement therapy that their risk of breast or ovarian cancer increases because they take hormones. It's not worth doing this to yourself just for the sake of having sex with your boyfriend. If you don't like being on the pill (and have tried different kinds so you know it's true for all of them), try an IUD.
Hi, so I plan on taking to my doctor and getting started again on birth control. I’m just unbelievably embarrassed because I didn’t even realize the condom got stuck in me!! I don’t know what the chances are of getting pregnant off of precum, or if any precum leaked off into me for that matter but just for safety measures I took Plan B. I know I had sex on day 18, of my cycle but I actually screwed up and it is 17. My average cycle length tends to be 26 days. I typically always use condoms correctly, but I happen to always get unlucky unfortunately and things happen. I’m still super stressed out about the incident.
It's happened to me, and a lot of other women. I didn't find it until the next day, walking down the hall in a classroom building in college, and I felt something weird, and out it came. That was a moment lol. We had looked everywhere, including inside me, and couldn't find it. I just went to the bathroom and disposed of it. It happens.

Since you took Plan B, the chances of pregnancy are really, really low. I know it's easy for me to say not to worry, but really, don't worry. :) Stress won't help, and could delay your period, which might already be messed up by the Plan B.

Ok thank you lol. Next time I will not go on a website binge I scared myself terribly. I appreciate the advice and reassurance.
Quick question, is it true that Plan B is ineffective for those that are overweight? I am 175, in the past I did weigh heavier but since I am a lifter I tend to cut and bulk between seasons. Wondering how true that claim really is.
Here is what Plan B says in its FAQs:

"[A]ll women, regardless of how much they weigh, can use these products to prevent unintended pregnancy following unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. The most important factor affecting how well emergency contraception works is how quickly it is taken."
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