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Could I possibly be pregnant in this situation or is it highly unlikely?

On Sunday morning me and my boyfriend messed around, but we did NOT HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. He never once put himself inside of me. We both had our underwear on when I dry humped him, he was hard but I know for certain sperm can not go through fabric like underwear. Afterwards I gave him a hand job and he put his fingers inside me, he came on himself mostly, but some went on my inner thigh. I would have felt if he dripped onto me, right? When he came I had my underwear on still even though it was pushed to the side slightly.
Once we finished we went to clean ourselves off and I realized my period started. At first I thought maybe I was just bleeding because he hit me too hard but I had cramps, heat flashes, nausea and bloating the whole week before, like I normally do ( I can usually tell when it is coming. ) and I am still bleeding today but it is little bit lighter than it usually is on the third day. I am currently enrolled as as student I am under a lot of stress with playing soccer and being at the top of my class. I do not need to be pregnant right now... Most of my friends and colleagues have said that I wouldn't be preg. and that EC is around $50 so there is no reason to waste my money on it.

In other words, could I possibly be pregnant or are my chances very very low? If my chances are slim to none then should I not take plan B? Or should I take it to be safe? Tomorrow I will be in the three day time period but you can take it up to 120 hours right? I am nervous that I could possibly be pregnant..
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You CANT get pregnant like this!! You both have to have sex for you to get pregnant, don't worry your find
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You are definitely not pregnant. He has to put his penis inside of you and *** inside of you in order for you to be pregnant.
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Your not pregnant sexual intercourse is needed in order to get pregnant. If you really don't want to get pregnant you should get on birth control or use condoms so no more scares.I'm 20 years old nd having my first he wasn't planned but I was happy about the surprise. Just stay focused on your school work if he loves you he'll wait until you nd him are good nd ready
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Unless he fingered you with *** on his hands you aren't pregnant, even then the chances would be slim to none.
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No you are not pregnant. As the others have stated, you have to have sexual intercourse in order to get pregnant. You and your bf should both educate yourselves on sex and pregnancy and how thing work before engaging in further sexual activity.
My period was regular from Sunday to this afternoon (Tomorrow would be my fourth day on it) and I am bleeding very little right now... Is this something to be concerned about? I'm not pregnant right? Could it just be due to stress and stuff that caused it to be around 3 1/2 days? I just don't need to be preg. right now
I usually have it for four or five days.
Sounds like your regular period to me. I wouldn't worry about it.
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