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Is there any chance I'm pregnant?

On June 9, I had sex with a condom and it didn't break. I haven't had sex in a year since then. 4 days later, on June 11, I got my period. My period tracker app said I'd get my period on this day, but it's usually never right since I'm irregular from recently going off the BPC. My period this month is unusually light and brown in color. It's been brown or dark red the entire time, it's gone from spotting the first day to moderately heavy the second and now spotting the third day. The second day I did go through a few pads. I've been bleeding the entire time because every time I wipe there is brown blood. Is there anyway this could be implantation bleeding?

I went off the BPC in February and have been having irregular periods since. Last month's period was so heavy it was bleeding through pads, but now it's so light. I have really bad anxiety and obsessive thoughts, and am scared I'm pregnant. Is there any possibility of pregnancy or can I put my worries to rest? Thanks!
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When condoms break, it is very noticeable.  Big rips.  Big messes.  You didn't have this so that means the condom was intact and did it's job. When they say pregnancy happens when a condom is used, it means that something happened to the condom during intercourse.  I would not think you are pregnant from what you describe. Periods are funky sometimes.  Apps are just a numerical calculation from info you put in. It can be right or wrong but it's not measuring anything in your body like hormone levels to 'really' know.  Brown blood is old blood/spotting. It can happen right before your period or right after. The intercourse itself could cause some brown spotting if it dislodges old blood. Implantation bleeding can happen (although not a single person I know and I"m old with lots of friends who have had babies! has had it) is normally twinges of pink or spots of bright red. It's really a slight bit.  Spotting like you are having can also be the result of hormonal things (the going off the pill, irregular period, etc.).  2.5 weeks after you had sex, you can take a confirmatory pregnancy test to rule it out if you'd like but I do not think it is necessary.  I would not think you are pregnant from what you describe.
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