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Missed Period with Spotting

Wow, I hate to be here riddled with fear and anxiety again.

I missed my period this month. I've been spottng bright red blood irregularly this month - for 5 days from March 25 to April 17. Not a lot of blood, mainly after I wipe.  Heaviest April 17, was hoping it was my period.

The craziest thing is I've only done manual stimulation. I can only think of him possibly getting precum on his finger and then stimulating me with the same finger on Feb 24. I don't know for sure, but maybe. We normally do not switch.  I had a period starting on Feb 28th to March 6.

I have PCOS but I'm pretty regular with my period.  I would not have suspected pregnancy, didn't even think it's possible until...you guessed it...I googled.

The thing is, women describe my symptoms to a T and they end up pregnant.  Ive taken a pregnany test just to be sure and it's negative, but it's like you can never know for sure. Women report having nagative blood tests and pregnancy tests and not knowing until an ultrasound or not testing positive until 2 - 3 months.  It's like there's no way for me to know for sure right now...not with a test.

What are the odds. Only symptoms are missed period, spotting, and I have been gasy lately. I know how absurd this all sounds but when you read others accounts and it's identical as far as the bleeding and symptoms, I can't help but to worry.

I guess I'll know for sure in time.  I feel so unlucky. I was irresponsible I suppose.  
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My regular period came on this week. It was definitely stress.   I really need to chill out.
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It's difficult to see how you could have gotten pregnant from what you describe. You can psych yourself into signs of pregnancy, or hormone upsets can occur from unaccustomed sexual experiences. If you can't get a positive test by the time you are two weeks late, the chance of pregnancy is next to nothing.

As I re-read your post I realize that you had a normal period after your incident. That eliminates the chance of pregnancy.
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Thank you for responding.

I thought the same about the period and everything, but then I read an account online about a women having periods the first month, etc.  Some bleeding for a few months, nagative tests for months but pregnant.

I feel as if crazier things have happened so I err on the side of caution.

I simply don't know what's going on internally, but I know it's irregular and not right.  I have been stressed so maybe that's the cause.

I appreciate the info.
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This is basically a maniual stimulation concern.  I'm having more symptoms now, sore nipples, headaches at night, constipation, cramping all over at night.  Still no full blown period.
From reading, the only real way to know you're not pregnant is to get an ultrasound. I'm going to make a doctor's appointment next week. Clearly, something is not right.
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