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No penetration and my period but still worried

First I'm someone really really stressed out, I had problems with anxiety and depression (I'm still on medication for that)
On the 26th of November I had intimate relation with my boyfriend, I'm a virgin and he is but we were kissing a lot and at some point he had his penis touching my vagina, I stopped him after not even a minute because I was scarred he could penetrate me.
But after reading on Internet about pregnancy without penetration I started stressing out, he did not ejaculate on me at all, but before that (I can't rememeber how long before it was, but the same afternoon) he ejaculted.
Like I don't have my period every month, I take duphaston  the 16th day of my cycle and for 10 days.
I took duphaston 4 days after the "accident" with my bf happened and I had my period after I've stopped taking duphaston.
So I was realieved for a week thinking that I wasn't pregnant cause I had my period
But then internet again and I found out that you can still have your period while pregnant!!
I took a pregnancy test the day before I had my period it was negative and I did an other one 3 days ago and still negative
But I can't help thinking that I'm pregnant, and I have stomach ache, but I think it's all in my head and I got stomach ache because of anxiety and stress, but I can't help thinking about it, my mind won't stop, I need help. Please!!
(I can't talk with my family about it, they are against sex before marriage and I've talked about it with my psychiatrist and she said it's impossible if there was no penetration, but like I've read so much on the Internet I have troubles believing her)
Plus now, every little symptoms I have I think it's because I'm pregnant .. And I can't help looking it up on google
Please please help
P.s: I live in France
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Hey Hun , I'm kind of on the same .. Just probably a much worst situation lol but you should be fine ! I agree with your psychiatrist it's entirely impossible! Just relax, maybe try taking some pregnancy tests just to put yourself at ease and so you know instead of stressing! :-) you'll be fine ! & also , don't always read everything on the internet something i always found myself doing!
Because searching symptoms up on the internet is just crazy your either " dying " or " pregnant " ..
Good luck hun x
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Thanks ..
I already took 2 pregnancy test, one a day before my period and one 3 days ago so a week after my period.. Both were negatives but I'm still worried that the test are wrong and I might be pregnant
I'm feeling crazy, I can't control my mind
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Oh so you did get your period?! Yeah there should be no worries at all then Hun :-) ! That's the sign you want the most because no period = a possibility ..
Was your period normal? & exactly how U get it most times?
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Yes I had them the same amount and for 5 days as always, but I didn't really pay attention cause I never thought I could have my period and be pregnant so I didn't pay attention, but it seemed normal, same pms before same pain during my period..
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