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Not sure what is going on

I feel really silly because I am usually "knowledgeable" about these kinds of things since my family is very fertile and open about what they go through. Maybe it's just because I'm going through it and very paranoid, but anyway...

Just some background here: I haven't had a normal period since December. My cycle is usually 25 days, lasts 7 days with heavy bleeding that starts to decrease by day 4. It's been regular like this since I was 12, with only one hiccup when I was pregnant before and had a miscarriage (didn't even know I was pg that time until I ended up at the hospital from pain!) I monitor and chart my period and ovulation so I know what's going on since I'm kind of a health freak, but I was dealing with a lot that I didn't remember to check and chart exactly when ovulation was happening. The app I use to chart calculates (actually pretty accurately since my cycle is regular and the same each month) when I ovulate and after checking it, I realized I had unprotected sex that week. (Totally unplanned, one of those "really should have thought it through" moments when I ended up running into my ex.) Now, I'm also going to mention that my family has a blood clotting disorder that runs in our family (makes our blood clot very easily), and we **think** that plays a role in the fact that the women born with the disorder have "normal period-like" bleeding in the early months since it only happens to them with the disorder. Even the OB that has taken care of most of them believes it *may* be from the disorder, possibly a defense mechanism in our bodies trying to expel excess blood that could be harmful to prevent a lot of clots.

Now, my January period was over a week late and when I finally got it, it was much lighter than usual. It started out maybe at the heavier end of the "light flow" spectrum for the first day, then turned to very minimal spotting for 2 days before going away. Before my period was even late I started feeling "weird". Like, nauseous yet hungry all the time and the feeling only got better when I ate smaller, more frequent meals or ritz crackers throughout the day between meals. I got severely bloated, and I had quite a few dizzy spells as well as starting to get tired more easily and needing to pee a lot. I just attributed it all to the fact my period was due. This "period" came and the symptoms didn't let up. I still have most of them. They don't feel quite as bad anymore mainly because I've gotten so *used* to them, but they can still hit full force some days. Last day and a few days after my "period" I had very light, not really painful cramping.

I've been feeling the same and I thought maybe I have a stomach flu or something, maybe a UTI to explain the peeing and bloating even though there were no other usual UTI symptoms, but I decided to take hpt for the heck of it. The first one was negative, then a few days later one as positive. I decided to take another one a week later and it was negative. When my symptoms still didn't let up and I noticed my usual signs and symptoms of ovulation were MIA, my friends talked me into doing another so I did and it was positive, then another a week later which was positive.

Now my app still calculated when I would have my period for February. It ended up being late again this month by a few days before it hit. Started out spotting brown and then the second day it got heavier and was kinda reddish-pink with some clots in it before going back to brown but still heavy for the rest of that day and day 3. Day 4 (today) it's back to brown spotting and very, very minimal to the point I believe it may stop tonight.

And I'm very confused because I know bleeding is normal in my family, but it's kind of making me panic and has me wondering if it's normal that it got so heavy for two days and had clots. I haven't felt any cramping or pain the entire time. I would go to the doctor but I don't have health insurance nor money for a co-pay, and I feel silly if I go to the hospital and it turns out I'm not pregnant at all despite all the symptoms. My mom is refusing to admit it's even a possibility cos she hates my ex and I think she doesn't want to accept that I saw him again, so she isn't any help for advice or even support and tells me I don't need to go to the hospital.

If anyone can give me any kind of advice or opinions, it would be greatly appreciated and helpful!

Sidenote: I downloaded another app to keep track of my symptoms in case I am pg, and it calculated I'd be approximately 8w 2d today. (If that helps or influences anything.)
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Thank you both for the input. I ended up getting really sick and lots of pain last night, a lot heavier bleeding so I got someone to take me to the hospital. I was  pg, but miscarried ):
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I'm pretty much 100% sure you can get false negatives on pregnancy tests but its impossible to get a false positive. The hormone that gives the positive result only exist during pregnancy.
You absolutely need to find a way to see a doctor. Especially because you're bleeding.
Good luck
Kath x
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If I were you I would just go to the hospital. Even if you aren't pregnant it will still give you peace of mind and if you are it will be good to make sure that everything is ok. Good luck!
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