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PCOS and Fertility/Pregnancy Concerns

My girlfriend was told by her OB that she had PCOS maybe 7-8 years ago when she was still fresh into college. The OB told her she can take fertility meds when she plans to conceive then so in my head I would assume it would be difficult to get pregnant. When I first met my girlfriend 3 years ago I noticed she had acne so her OB prescribed her Diane which is used to clear her skin (also acting as a birth control as a side effect) but ever since then i've never seen her with acne like that again in the 3 years we dated after a cycle of Diane. Now she is 26, but I don't know if PCOS can cure itself or lessen in severity over time. One thing that my girlfriend deals with related to her cycle is bruising when her period is coming (could often occur earlier than other PMS symptoms), and getting severe PMS symptoms until a few days after her period starts. I don't know if it is already classified as PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder), but one thing is that she had bipolar disorder and has low serotonin with (thus possibly related to the bruising).

I know the calendar method is not as good for women with longer/irregular cycles, but there should still be a benefit to using it. So I took note of my girlfriend's cycles and monitored it.

Her last cycle was on May 15th and we had unprotected sex with withdrawal method only on June 13th--which is day 29 of her cycle. Because of covid we haven't seen each other for 2 months prior to this encounter. Her cycles have been consistent from August of 2020 with cycle lengths of 36, 38, 30, 37, 31, 35, and 36 days. But what is alarming to me is that it's already day 43 (almost day 44) of her cycle, and she did not have her period yet which is unusual because of how consistent her period is from August 2020. She also started bruising on her legs about 6-7 days ago which got a bit darker as the day passes. So I am not sure if that is an indicator that her period is coming (or it could be related to pregnancy as well)? One thing to note that around December of 2019, my girlfriend was still most likely under the effects of her depo-provera shot which could have explains cycles that ranged to up 50+ days (but just a guess) because she took 2 shot (with 3 month gaps) which protected her for 6 months shortly after we started dating. So I don't know if normally she had periods from 30 days to 38 days prior to using hormonal contraceptives because I did not trace it yet.
We are not trying to a child yet so i'm really concerned about the situation

So there are a lot of things I don't know about PCOS and how to gauge the likelihood of things and have quite a few questions:

Is it difficult to get pregnant with PCOS due to irregular cycles/longer cycles? Or is there no matured egg or poor quality egg to begin with? Is PMDD or severe PMS symptoms related with PCOS? Is PMDD or PCOS associated with infertilityor difficulty in getting pregnant? With her not having her period yet this month, is it likely she's pregnant? Should we get her tested already?
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So today is June 29th and it is 16 days from the unprotected sex encounter last June 13th . It is already 16 days from then so we bought 2 pregnancy tests one of which we used today. It came out as negative can't really see even a faint 2nd line yet. Is this reliable at this stage? It is currently Day 45 of her cycle
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Usually a woman will get a positive pregnancy test (if pregnant) if she is 2.5 weeks past unprotected sex. So, pretty close to when but I'd try another test in a week to make sure. And don't let the tests sit as they can develop a second line that is NOT pregnancy but an evaporation line.  Use tests only as the package indicates to do so.
So we tried a 2nd test 23 days after the encounter (which is 3 weeks and 2 days after) it is still negative. Although it's already day 55 of her current cycle and she still hasn't had her period. Which is the longest cycle she's had since I started recording on July 2019. Followed by 54 days and 51 day long cycles. I bought 2 different pregnancy tests to make sure, but both are just a small strip. It doesn't look as fancy as the ones I see online where it looks like a thermometer.
I'm in a similar boat here now. What did the results end up being for you and your SO, if you don't mind me asking?
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