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Period, and could I be preg?

On Sunday I fooled around with my partner but did NOT have intercourse. He came when I gave him a hand j** but on himself mostly and part of my upper thigh. He told me he did not spill himself on me anywhere and that it landed mostly on him other than my thigh. He also said I had my underwear so nothing would go through I had my underwear on and he has his boxers on. When we went to clean ourselves off I noticed I was bleeding so I thought maybe he popped my cherry but I was bleeding heavily until today, is this my period? I have never had sexual intercourse before so I can not be pregnant from intercourse. The week before I was experiencing nausea, cramps, back pain, cravings, heat flashes and all the normal symptoms I get before my period. I am also scheduled to get my period around the 8th-11th.

Today is the 3rd day and I was bleeding normally until now, it is light but still bleeding and tomorrow will be my fourth day if this is my period. My symptoms of back pain, nausea, cramps headaches, heat flashes etc are starting to go away. I also have anxiety, fibro and IBS. I was worried I could possibly be pregan. from this situation but everyone has told me that I wouldn't be because I got my period and that I don't need to take a Emergency Contraception.

So with the information given please answer these questions:
1) Is this my period?
2) Could I be pregnant from this situation? Should I take an Emergency Contraceptive tomorrow since you can take it up to 120 hours after? Tomorrow I would be in the 72 hour window.
3) My period is usually a regular or sometime heavy flow that lasts for four to five days, but this month on my fourth day it is light. Is this normal? Could it be due to stress or do periods get short sometimes?
4) If you had sexual intercourse around the time you were supposed to get your period or the day you got your period, and you got your period does that mean you are not pregnant?

Please respond. Very nervous & worried. Thank you for your replies though! I am so blessed for this website.
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Well I'm pretty sure you're not pregnant if you guys didn't have intercource. You're just probably on your period and Yes, sometimes periods can come lighter than others. I don't think you should take any pills or get any pregnancy test, from what you said in sure you'll be fine :)
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Sorry to hear your worried , but you can't get pregnant from an hand job. And the sperm on your thigh would die because when it hit air it can't live. The only way your cherry can be pop is if he penetrate your vagina, so don't worry your fine.
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I had a sex with my partner ...the before day of the periods but unfortunately I got periods for only one..my question is there is any chance of getting pregnant?I feel scared a lot Pls answer me
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