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Pregnancy chances widout penetration by PreCum/PreEjaculated Fluid frm top of cloths

I am 28 years old and my girl friend is 29 years old and she is virgin. We had oral sex on 3rd, August 2017 at 9:30pm in night. I was in trouser and she was also in trouser. She also wear underwear at that time.

I rubbed my penis on her vagina for 1-2 minutes. There was some precum /pre-ejuculated fluids wet area on my trouser. I did not penetrated my penis into her vagaina just rub on her vagain and there are 3 layers of cloth in between my trouser(precum wet area is there), her trouser and then her underwear. I also rub her vagaina with my hand from top of cloths. i ejaculated on her belly/stomach which we wipe off with tissues. Then after 30 minutes she clean the area with soap + water without removing her trouser and underwear. Then after another 30 minutes she first clean the area with water + soap then take bath and changed her all cloths.

But we both are worried of pregnancy even we can't slept whole night. And Then on next day i.e. on 4th August, 2017 at 2:pm afternoon(after 16 hours) she took ECP (Levonorgestrel 0.75mg) 2 tablets as per recommendation of pharmacist.

She was on her periods on 19th July, 2017(First day). We do this activity on 16th day's night after first day of periods.

What are the chances of pregnancy in that way?
How is ECP is effective in this situation? we did not know that she is ouvolated/fertile or not.
Is ECP effected for whole of the mensuration cycle or there are some exceptions?
Is Pregnancy is possible from Pre-*** without penetration just rubbing genitals and layers of cloths are in between   :(

Remember we did not penetrated not rubbed our genitals directly/naked. I was in trouser ans she was in trouser and underwear and virgin. just only some pre *** wet area on my trouser.

We read many threads on internet and more confused after that I think it will be the best to ask question.

Please help us and sorry for long detail Waiting for your reply :(
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I posted my question 2 days ago and no one answered yet. Please answer the question fast answer will be appreciated. We are worried and no one is answering :(
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No No No my luv. there is no way POSSIBLE that she can be pregnant. You were both fully clothed in the genital area! Although you ejaculated on her stomach you all wiped it off before she undressed and washed with soap and water. Sperm is not strong enough to penetrate through underwear clothes then another's clothes and underwear. There has to be some kind of contact with the genital area.

The ECP tablets that you speak of is this the same as the "Morning After" pill which is to help aid in killing any sperm that may of been present to prevent a pregnancy? and if she took that then you should also be perfectly fine.

I do not mean this harshly but at the ages of 28 & 29 you should know what does and does not cause a pregnancy. And know that there has to be physical contact between the penis and vagina or sperm and the vagina.

I hope that this answers your question and for future endeavors please you and your girlfriend use caution and when you actually have intercourse use a condom and it may even help if she's on birth control and condoms are not 100% baby proof.
Ex: the can break of not work if put on correctly.
Have a great evening!!!!
Thanks @KeeLolo. I am really satisfied with your answer.

Yes that ECP was a Morning After Pill.
The only issue was that which cause worry for us that pre-*** on my trourser while rubbing.

Yes we are both fully clothed on gential area. There are three layers of cloths. I hope Pre-*** in this case can not cause pregnancy. Because i read on wikipedia and some other forums that precum cannot have viable sperms which can pass trough cloths. Yes hope all will be good  

Thanks for your answer.
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She cannot be pregnant. There is NO way. Hope this puts your mind at ease.
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