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Wondering Possibility of Pregnancy with Precum?

My boyfriend and I were dry humping last night with our underwear on (and I had a day pad/pantiliner on). I also want to note that I do not take birth control because I'm not sexually active. Though my bf pulled far away from me long before ejaculating, we do not know if precum was present. I did not know what happened until he told me about the incident as we were walking to his car (about a 15 min walk) so I was unable to check automatically if there was anything on my underwear. When I got back I found a semi-dry spot on my underwear beside where the pad is but because of its positioning I think it was just from me as the acidity of my vagina is pretty insane and that has gotten on my underwear countless times before anyway (this has ben a thing since long before I even had a boyfriend). After it occurred I showered and tried to relax. I've done some research and it seems that because there were two layers, he doesn't know if the precum existed anyway/when it happened if it did, and on top of that it would've had to actually get into my vagina, etc. that it's super unlikely but I'm still scared and not sure if I'm just being extremely irrational. Does anyone here think I need to take an emergency contraceptive? I'm a 19 y/o college student who has never made this mistake before and I'm terrified beyond belief, I have had trouble sleeping since then because the fear of what I do not know is eating at me. I also just ended my period a couple of days ago so I won't know for sure until mid/late December, assuming that my period isn't being irregular (as it often is).
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No, don't take an emergency contraceptive. You didn't get pregnant from the activity you described. The morning-after pill is a serious hormone load, don't take it for no reason.
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@Annie To be honest, this is the exact kind of response I needed to receive, so thank you. I don't know much about the pill itself so I was really concerned as to whether I should even consider it. Overall, thank you so much for your feedback.
No problem at all. Just don't treat the morning-after pill like it's nothing -- it is neither comfortable to take nor good for your body, not a casual thing A sexually active woman should possibly only have to take it once or twice in her life, she should make and follow plans for protection that are less bad for her.

Dry-humping being a form of sexual activity, along with looking into a period-tracker app, you might consider getting an IUD or going on the pill. You don't have to tell your boyfriend, lest he press you for sex once you're 'safe,' but it would protect you in case you ever get overcome by the excitement of a sexual moment. It's just good planning, you are NOT obliged to have sex just because you are protected from unwanted pregnancy. (There are other valid reasons women don't wish to have sex.) At least, you would never find yourself in this kind of stress again.

Take care, sweetheart, and calm down. You are certainly not pregnant.

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Blueberry, I see no reason at all to worry. Sperm do not travel through clothing. You may become sexually active in 2020, so consider downloading a period tracking app to get to understand your body better. Learn to recognize the physical signs of ovulation so you have a handle on your fertile days. Best of luck!
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@ppowb Thank you so much for your comforting feedback. I completely agree that I should look into a period tracking app, I've been considering it for a while but now I realize I definitely should just for my own safety and peace of mind.
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