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do u like i am pregnant

On July 30 i went to see my boyfriend we didnt have sex but he was dry humping me. both our clothes was off. i was on on my six day of period. 4 days later i start peeing a lot light headed and have stomach pain. I took 3 pregnancy test and they say its negative.... DO U THINK I AM PREGNANT. This Monday August 18  i start having bad headaches, breast feeling full and heavy, belly hurt,itching and burning in that area as soon as i eat stomach feel full and tingly and eye slightly swollen. AM I PREGNANT OR SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH ME
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Somethings seriously wrong with you
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Not to sound rude but you would have to have intercourse to get pregnant. Relax, don't think about it for a couple days and try another hpt. Avoid taking them in the morning with your first pee of the day, it can cause a false positive.
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This is where I get off this app....
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You have asked and received answers multiple times. This is a forum for women who are already pregnant. Go to the Am I Pregnant forum if you want to continue to ask this question
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Lol sorry to laugh.this dam app need an age limit ,I dnt think this girl took a health class in her life ....YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT,STOP IT!-___-
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You have to have sex for you to get pregnant did they not teach you sex ed in school? and it says your male ??
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You have to be a female to have a child!
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If youre eye is slightly swollen youre definitely pregnant... lol jk no youre good
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Lol that was a good one sometimes I wonder about people lol
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Please tell me ur 15 !! Honey ur not pregnant its not like sperm flys the reason you feel like this its because u keep thinking about it just stop and relaxur fine ;)
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You actually don't have to have intercourse to become pregnant. The male can ejaculate on the outside of your genitals or even in between your thighs and the semen can still swim up your vagina to the egg. It's uncommon but it is possible.
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Ur not pregnant lol
Ur making urself think ur pregnant there for ur body starts playing tricks on you
You gotta stop thinking u are pregnant and relax!  
Theres no way you can. Be pregnant lol
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This is a hoax. If you look at the other posts this kid has wrote,  it's the exact same post over and over.  You're not pregnant.  You even took three tests saying you're not.  You just want attention.  Sorry someone had to say it.
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Lmao...yep I totaly believe you are pregnant...congrats..next time u dry hump..lmao wear protection..
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Your so ******* stupid and I mean that with all my heart.. now goodbye
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