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So, for those of us due near the end of the month..

How are we all dooooooing?!

Haha.. I've been asked that question about a billion times in the last few days.. family and friends emailing/calling/Facebooking to ask if I'm in labour yet.. if I'm feeling ok.. if we've decided to run away to the forest to give birth in a cabin, far away from medical assistance.. hahaha...

SO.. here's a spot for all of us that still aren't due yet to continue to talk about being pregnant.. expectations and anticipations.. and even frustrations.  ;D

I'm definitely gearing up for this great adventure.. but since the babe still hasn't dropped, and no signs of that darned plug making an appearance yet.. I think that I'll make it all the way to my April 24th due date... maybe even beyond.  I measured 42-44 cm yesterday at my last appointment.. and after shaking my belly all over the place, it was pronounced that I'm going to be having a "big" baby.. then she laughed in such an evil way.... haAaaaaahhaa.. oh doctors... sadists all of them.

How are YOU doing?
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Im due in less then two days..thursday the 15Th and there is no sign of this little dude making an appearance anytime soon! Im so ready to see what he looks like and hold him. I'm still feeling great besides having permantly swollen feet, ankles, and hands which has become just painful! My midwifes wont induce until im two weeks late so my journey Isnt even close to being over unless he comes out on his own which would be shocking bc the only pain I've had are mild period like cramps. I've tried so many things (Walking, sex, bouncing on an exercise ball, up and down stairs, evening primrose oil, spicy foods..etc) and havent had a single contraction. The only thing really making me miserable is the lack of sleep. I have to pee every twenty minutes and can never seem to get comfortable! He is still super active so im loving every last kick bc im going to miss them!
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I am SO sick of being pregnant and SO sick of BEDREST!!! i am horribly uncomfortable and so ready for him to be here...im not due until the 30th and ive been stuck on bedrest for borderline preeclampsia but its not in a dangerous enough stage for them to induce but im too close to the dangerous side to be allowed out of bed....its so not fair! i totally feel like im in limbo and just wish contractions would start all on their own! i want this baby out NOW!

and yeah i know i sound totally whiny and negative...just try and stop me :)

This whole pregnancy ordeal was an amazingly wonderful ride but im so ready to unclick my seatbelt and run full speed ahead!
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i'm due the 23rd, and I swear the closer it comes, the slower time moves. I've been losing my mucus plug for a week now, and the baby is so low the doc says she can feel the head. but no contractions whatsoever, no other signs of labor. I have alot of financial problems though, and since she's sitting sooo low, i can barely walk. so my boss cut my hours and now i'm scraping already and I haven't even started maternity leave yet (which is unpaid for me). I am potentially facing eviction because this child is being stubborn and will NOT come. I've already tried everything in the arsenal for inducing labor and no luck. I was just at the doc's today and i haven't changed from the last two weeks ... 80% effaced, 2.5 cms. I can't take this anymore. And following the pattern set already for me, she'll show up sometime in may, after they induce me for passing my due date. i can't help but be pessimistic
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Overall  I think I am doing fine, but I am sooooo ready at this point.  My little girl is due on Apr 26th so I still have almost 2 weeks to go.  I cut a deal (LOL) with my Ob , he agreed to induced me if I don't deliver by Apr 26th.  I just cannot do this any more.  In addition to BH , I also have this lower ab menstrual like cramos but they are irregular and come and go.  I am not dilated at all :(.  I tried bouncing on the ball last evening, just threw up instead.  Tried BD, did not work.  With all the hurt burn I don't want to risk eating spicy food.  I am pretty sure that I will go all the way.
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OMG.. I am ready to have her now..I'm anxious to meet her and I' m tired of being pregnant. I try to vent to my baby's father but he will never understand the pain, the peeing the heartburn the trouble walking, sleeping and just moving period!!! lol I'm 37 1/2 weeks and I am not contracting at all!! I'm just stuck at 1 and half cm dialated. This pregnancy has been a blessing but I'm over it, especially since I have too much fluid and I need to be monitored twice a week on top of my weekly dr visits!! My due date is April 30th and I think i'm going all the way to the end : (
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I'm doing pretty good so far, but I think I've reached the point where I'm "ready"!  I'm not sleeping anymore, more than an hour or so at a time, between peeing, and my hands and joints hurting.  And oh the heartburn!  That's just really started the last couple of days.  Braxton Hicks are getting a lot stronger and kind of painful now too, but there's nothing regular enough to say "I'm in labor".  Luckily, I have a scheduled c-section a week from tomorrow, so only 8 days to go no matter what!  I know I'll miss having him inside me, but at this point I'm ready to meet him!
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