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22 Week Anatomy U/S Scan - Genders??

Just to let you all know that today, I had my 22 week anatomy u/s scan and everything is fine with the babies, we are having TWIN GIRLS!!

It's been a really nice day but I've been absolutely shattered as haven't slept properly for 2 nights and my hubby has been a bit unwell, think he's got a bug, think he would have liked a boy but he is still really pleased with the news and you just can't escape annoying people can you, when telling family / friends, some people said, 'oh dear' and 'are you upset', as we didn't get one of each, what is wrong with people. We are absolutely over the moon.

We can dress them in the same outfits, frilly pink dresses, yipee and they'll be great friends.
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Congrats to you...2 girls..how great. I'll tell you though, you sure have your work cut out for you. Good luck to you and who cares what everyone else thinks. As long as your babies are healthy I'm sure you guys are happy. Between me and my husband we have 1 boy and 3 girls and another girl on the way. People were making that AWWWW noise when I told them I was having another girl but I am extremely happy. I'm not sure why people feel the need to comment on things like that but Congrats to you anyways and good  luck to you both.
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Congrats!! PINK PINK PINK!!
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congratulations ad thank goodness, a splash more pink in august
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congrats...i think it's wonderful news!!:)
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That's great!  Congratulations!
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I'm sorry your family is being so petty. They probably don't think before they speak is all. It's normal for people to expect you to want to experience one of each. However I know lots of people who WANT ONLY ONE SEX... A really good friend of mine has a girl and is pregnant with her 2nd baby. She's worried it's going to be a boy because she wants a little sister so badly for her daughter because she never got to experience a sister. She had one brother, and that was it. So while it may seem to most that the ideal is one boy one girl, for my friend it meant she was LACKING the experience of having a sister...It all depends on how you look at it I guess. Anyhoo, the GREAT news is - your babes are doing well and they're a HUGE blessing REGARDLESS of whether they have weenies or not, right! Glad to hear they're good! Enjoy... :)
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CONGRATS!! I understand how you feel about the annoying people. My husband wanted a Boy so badly and I, deep in my heart wanted a girl. When they told us he is a Boy i was so happy. I am so thankful that we are even blessed enough to get to have a baby. But people would still ask me if I was upset about not getting a girl. I just dont think they really understand. I am just hoping that he is healthy that is all i can really ask for. Good luck on your two miracles!!
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