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Help please No cardiac activity what can I do?

I went for my Ultrasound today and found out they is no cardiac activity result as follow:
Uterus enlarge in size, a well defined regular outline single early intrauterine gestational sac, GS- 05 week, 02 days +/-09 days. The mean gestational age is 05 weeks 04 days +/-04 days.
The cardiac activity of the fetus pole is not visualized
The decidual reaction is good
The amount of liquid is adequate
The cervical length is 2.7 cm and the internal cervical Os is closed
Bilateral adnexae are clear. Both ovaries are normal in volume
Does this mean i am going to miscarriage or is it too early at 05 week and 06 days what are my changes

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No cardiac activity would be detected at 5 weeks.  Usually, you cannot see it on ultrasound until you are close to 6.5 weeks and sometimes that is even too soon. I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Your doctors will probably test your HCG again to make sure it's doubling and have you go back for another ultrasound.  This happens all the time when doctors due ultrasounds too early.  That is why they typically do not do them until you are a couple of weeks farther along it can be so scary. Miscarriages happen one out of every four pregnancies.  So, everyone has a 20% chance they will miscarry.  
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Everything else is visible what seem to worry me is that there is no heartbeat but  he wrote early intrauterine fetus pole so maybe its early I hope but worried he said the cervical os is closed what the hell does all this mean i am new
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If it makes you feel better I had some cramping on one side when I first found out I was pregnant.  So, they did an early ultrasound to make sure it wasn't in my tube.  I had one at 5 weeks 2 days my HCG was 7700 and all they saw was a gestational sac just like you.  I went back a week later and there was a heartbeat, fetal pole, and sac everything was fine.  I am not in the clear yet I am 8 weeks tomorrow and hoping everything is good at my ultrasound on Wednesday.
Your cervix being closed is a good thing.  It opens up if you are about to miscarry, give birth ect.  Just let me know if you have more questions.  I have done tons of reading and research.  Best of luck to you will keep my fingers crossed that everything is OK let me know!

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I wouldn't worry quite yet, you are still pretty early. I also had u/s at 5w 2 or 3d and showed no fetal pole, but a well defined sac. I went in a week later and there it was beating heart and all!!
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Thank you guys so much because I am here stressing and by reading your post and experiences I am looking on the bright side again worst i am on my own with this pregnancy my bf going to college and so he is not ready for a baby so I told him to go his ways, he want to be there but showing no concern about the baby.
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plz help me doc. i m 7 weeks pregnant but my ultrasound scan shows that no cardiac activity. i m very sad what can i do this one is my first pregnancy . plz help.
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Hi Heather im a 37 year old mom of 5 boys pregnant wit my 6th and went in to er and was told the gestational sac is seen with a mean sac diameter of 1.1 cm fetal pole is seen wit a crown rump length of 0.29 cm composite gestational age is calculated to be 5 weeks 4 day then gives u a due date and then it says cardiac activity is not yet visualized my ovaries are normal size wen i started i was just spotting the did a vagial chk cervix was closed but know since im bleedin just a lil more im just afraid cause ive been lightly bleeding like a brownish red color it stops and then comes i dnt wanna have a miscarrythey did find a 1.6 cm fibroid at the aterior of my uterus im so in love wit my belly i hope this is common sorry i just need to express to woman that maybe gone thru it and its ok
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I am also facing the same problem. My ultra sound report is -

CARDIAC ACIVITY is not seen (? too early to be seen)  
URINARY BLADDER is normal in capacity with smooth outline.
UTERUS is anteverted and shows a single regular gestational SAC.
Sac Length measures about 16.1 mm.
Tiny foetal node is seen.
C.R.L. -  3.3 mm. (corresponds to about 6 weeks 0 days +- 5 days duration)
BOTH OVERIES are normal in size and echotexture.
No free fluid is seen in cul - de - sac.

Doctors suggested me to check through after 1 week. If everything is normal, then no issues, otherwise DNC is only the option.

Could you tell me how much chances is there to achieve the Cardiac Activity and also CRL is enough for this GA.
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I had my ultrasound yesterday and im 9ks 5days pregnant. We saw the baby but he has no cardiac activity. I am so worried but i know God is in control of everthing. We will have another ultrasound on monday and praying everyrhing wilk be ok. all the answers here gives me hope.
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