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Anyone else getting these comments?

I'm 31 weeks now and I'll admit. my belly is REALLY BIG! However I have for the last month or so now been getting these types of comments "You're not due until December?" "Are you sure there aren't two in there?" "Wow, you got bigger!" And some of these comments are from people who I thought would know better! I know I have gained weight and that my belly (and my baby too actually) are on the bigger side of normal, but I am so Sick of this! I worry about my weight anyway and these people just **** me off! I did have a patient at work yesterday though that made my day. She said "aww, you look so good pregnant!" It was the first time in a long time (other that my husband God love him who honestly thinks I'm addorable pregnant) that someonesaid I looked good. Sorry I just needed to vent. Am I the only one who gets these comments though? I hope not or I really will feel like a Cow!
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I'm having the opposite problem....I've gained 14 lbs. so far (33 weeks) and people are always saying, "Are you sure you're that far along?"  "There's no way you are due in Dec."  And I know that the comments that you're getting are hurtful (I'm no skinny myself), it stinks when people think you're not big enough......I feel like they think I'm starving my baby or something!  I think that everyone should just say how great we look no matter what they are thinking!   LOL
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omg i feel so bad for u ladies i keep getting WHAT your pregnant i couldnt even tell! people telling me im to little it makes me so furious
i only wish i looked like i had two babies
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Ok I can totally relate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've gained about 40 lbs I should hopefully be induced early in about 3 more weeks. I keep telling myself its almost over......Then I start thinking of the aftermath and losing all the baby weight.......I was just feeling so depressed this morning, I feel so huge I can't shave, I can't walk right, I can't bend over right. My legs and feet are so soar everyday. I feel so weak!!!!!!!

Someone told me my arms were FLABBIER! and they could tell my feet have even grown! Or they say WOW LOOK AT THAT BELLY BALL.........ITS LIKE I'M PREGNANT, SHOW SOME SYMPATHY! No one likes feeling unattractive, especially when your hormones are raging and your emotions are all out of whack!
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i'm right there with you ladies!  i was 115 now i'm 146!  so, i've been getting comments like "how much weight have you gained? i say 32lbs?  they say.. omg you need to stop eating!" that was one of the rudest!  i always get you are ready to pop too!  and mostly, oh you look like your swelling in your face!  no i'm not swelled!  i'm just chunkier!  grrrr
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Ive gained 20 lbs so far and i was underweight when i got pregnant so they wanted me to gain more.  Im all belly and a lot of people are like your huge!  I cant stand these comments either.  but i do know that im big and i can def. feel it!  We will all make it through it though.  Almost done!!!!
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Ive only gained 5 lbs this pregnancy and depending on how the baby is laying, I either don't look pregnant at all (and can fit into my non-maternity clothes!) or I look huge and get those "you won't make it until then...." comments. I always comment that the baby is "hiding" sometimes when I don't look pregnant.

THen again, I was a size 18 before I got pregnant so I'm glad that I haven't gained too much weight - just more for me to lose later on!

Anyway - who are they to comment? I usually say something like "wow. that makes me feel REALLY good" I'm an ER nurse so talk to a lot of different people who ask if its a boy or a girl and the name and lots of stuff.

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I am ... some people are so rude!  I had one person ask when I was due and I told them December, and she said, "I don't think you'll make it until then..."  These are women who have had babies! They should know better than to say these things but they don't!  I also had someone ask if I was "ready to pop" yet.  That is rude too!
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