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Did my water break???

I am 31 (tomorrow :o)  ) and i am 32 weeks pregnant and i have had some difficulty in this pregnancy it is my 3rd and last lol....they thought i was in preterm labor last week but couldnt pick up anything on the monitor, idk but i am embarressed to go to the hospital, yesterday while i was at work i had this weird feeling i was standing there and my pants and underwear got wet like i had pee'd but i went into the bathroom and emptyed a full bladder, i have had no pain or contractions, there was no smell (tmi sorry) to my pants or anything not like a pee smell but i am not sure if it was my water..please help
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I'm pregnant with my first, so I can't really talk from experience, but from what I've read, amniotic fluid has a sweet smell to it, so if it had no smell, it might have just been cervical mucus (which keeps increasing throughout the pregnancy...yay!). I guess it's not uncommon to mistake the two. However, it's probably a good idea to have it checked out. It's pretty easy to check. I believe they just do a swab from your vagina to check for amniotic fluid.

Oh, and please don't feel embarrassed to go in. Better safe than sorry. Plus, I'm sure many women come in for much less valid reasons than that.

Best of luck with everything and keep us posted!
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i know this is late but i hope you went in, when my water broke with my first it was a goosh and seemed llike all i wanted to do was use the bathroom, but it never stoped leaking, please keep an update home your ok
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well i went in a few days later and they said my water didnt break but they didnt know what it was..but that i have a deep cervical bacteria infection i was put on antibiotics and now 4 days later am sick as a dog vomiting, dirrehea (sorry tmi) body aches no fever and when i call my ob she said if i want to go to L&D to get checked but other than being sick nothing is wrong idk wishing this is gonna be over soon lol n have my beautiful baby boy....thanks
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I hope you're feeling better, honey!

In terms of water breaking, I go in tomorrow or my appointment. I haven't been in lately as the nor'eastern storm cancelled my appointment. But after every time I pee, when I pull my pants back up I feel like I'm leaking. Not necessarily from my urethra, to be honest I can't distinguish where I feel it coming from.

Please pray that tomorrow I'll get the news that I'm at least a little bit dilated and that my cervix has softened some!
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This is kind of what happened to me yesterday. I could swear I leaked out water. Called my OB and they told me to go to the ER in case my water had ruptured. Got there and they said my water didn't break but I had a case of bacterial vaginosis! I still would like to know what the clear liquid was that came out of me! I am 32weeks 4 days pregnant with my little boy.
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