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Okay.  Here I go.  I'm so embarrassed to post this, but my doctor's office closes at 3:00pm every Friday and I'm not going to page my doctor form something that is probably  nothing.  I am 15 weeks pregnant and I know that discharge is totally normal during pregnancy.  I just need to know what is normal and what is not.  I just heard a story from a gal who went into pre-mature labor b/c she had a bacterial infection and didn't know it.  She thought she just had normal discharge.  So, that got me worried.  So, if you ladies don't mind me asking and you don't mind sharing to put my mind at ease, are you having discharge, too?  What color is it?   Mine is colorless when I wipe.  But, after the day is over, you can see it on my panty liner.  It's not like green or yellow or smelly, either.  You can just tell on the panty liner that I have discharge.  Omg.  I can't believe I am typing this.  Is anyone willing to offer any info?  If not, I understand.  I just hate the thought of not knowing this is normal and having to wait until Monday morning.

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It's normal.  Sometimes at the end of the day it'll even look a little yellow or green on the pantyliner from the air contacting it, but if it's clear when you wipe I wouldn't worry about it. If you feel like you're leaking a lot more than normal for you then you should call them.  That's what I was told.
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Oh, and most of the time if you had a pap at your first visit you were checked for bacterial infections.
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Thanks!  I did have a pap the first visit and still haven't gotten the results.  I figured no call means everything is fine.  I guess I'll call about that on Monday.  Thank you!
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yea when your pregnant your supposed to discharge more because of something sorry i forgot the exact reason and its been a long day but as long as its not smelly nor anything like that you should be fine
this is my 3rd pregnancy and im 18 wks and i also have discharge but my ob said its normal
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Yep, I get the discharge, too.  It's clearish w/ no odor and a little bit comes out every day now.  I read that it's normal.
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I hv green discharge wit really foul smell 15wks pregnant worried never had on my previous pregnancy
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