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Fundal height irregularities........

Doing great and feeling well. My doctor has been worried that my fundal height is not what it supposed to be. My last appointment which was Friday last week I was supposed to be at 28 but was only at 24. I had a sonogram on Saturday and baby is measuring 2 pounds 12 ounces. His heartrate was at 157. The radiologist doing the exam seems to feel that the baby is doing great. So what chould be the reason why my uterous is still very low. And has anyone else have this.
thanks ladies
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Ask your doctor about the amniotic fluid.  I'm sure they checked during the last ultrasound.  Sometimes having not enough or too much amniotic fluid can cause your uterus to measure smaller or larger than it should be at this stage.  If baby and amniotic fluid look good then I wouldn't worry about the measurements.  Every woman and every pregnancy are different.
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I read that measuring the fundal height is most accurate between 18 and 24 weeks, and after that it can be misleading.  I would go with the u/s measurements and as long as those looked fine try not to worry.  At my last appt my OB told me she keeps forgetting this isn't my first pregnancy because I'm hiding it so well.  Every woman carries differently, and will show different and measure different. Lot's of Dr.s don't even measure fundal height anymore, they just feel around for the position of the baby.
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i wouldnt worry about it
especially since the doctors not using no kind of measuring device so hes practically  just stating his opinion because he has nothing to back it up !!!
during my first pregnancy the doctor was telling me i was too small and what not the whole time and she even measured me ! i was so stressed out she even asked me if i was eating at one point - but to me i was as big as a whale LOL
but even being said the baby was measuring to small and what not the day i had him he was 8 lbs even and was 2 weeks early !!!!!!!!!
i almost had to have an emergency c-section because i was pushing so long and he wouldnt come out because of how big he was and how small i was

and everyone is different as how far up and low they are
you could try and measure yourself from the top of your uterus to your pelvic bone
and how ever many weeks you are is about how big you should be (supposively)
but like i said  i was measuring too small my whole first pregnancy
but this ones right on track i feel like i gained twice as much weight as i did with the first

goodluck with everything and try not to stress !
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This is not a stupid question but he has never measured it just feels around it. He just says he expects my uterous to be higher. Lots of other people have told me that their doctors measure with a tape.
Forgot to mention that baby has already turned.
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This is my first pregnancy so i'm not really sure. Wish I could give you some advice. I do know the heartrate sounds good and surely the radiologist wouldn't tell you she thinks the babies doing great if it wasn't. I'm sure everything will be ok.

This is probably a stupid question but does your doctor actually measure you with a measurement device or just "feel" your uterus?  I will be 30 weeks Wednesday and my doctor only feels around on my belly and has never measured anything.
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