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Am I crazy??!! LOL!

DH and I are going to start working on baby number 2 this month.  I'm cycle day 1 today and DD is almost 9 months old (on the 19th).  Anyone else thinking about or already working on thew next little one??  
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we aren't preventing, but i haven't even gotten my first AF yet (my little on is only 7 months old since she was a 1/1 baby)
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I started TTC number two when my first was 8 months, it wasn't until a year later that I got pregnant, and now that Aubryana is 8 months old I want to try again but we're waiting.
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We're starting next month. It took so long to conceive our baby girl (currently 8 months old) that we feel we need a head start for number 2.
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I would like to ttc number 2, but it's just not in the cards right now. We need a bigger apartment or we need to get a house first, plus we just bought a new car bc mine officially bit the dust a month ago. So, unfortunately, ttc is on the backburner. DH didn't really even want another baby after Lexi, but he keeps dropping hints. I'm not on BC anymore, and we use condoms. He'll tell me every month before af is expected to show that I'm pregnant. I don't really know why he says it, but it sends mixed signals. *sigh* one day I hope I'll be able to ttc number 2!
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I'm glad i'm not the only one, lol!!  My thoughts were that we would start trying when Ava was 1 but it took so long to conceive her that we decided to get a jump on baby number 2 when Ava was 9 mos.  This way if it did happen right away, which I doubt, they would be 18 mos. apart.  I do have to say, it is weird tracking my cycle again...I have been tracking since May just to have a few months getting used to tracking before the real deal!!
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It took us 14 months to conceive Lexi, because I wasn't paying attention to my cycles, and then I stopped ovulating after my m/c. I went six months with no period and used clomid to conceive her. Would you believe that since giving birth, and since we aren't ttc, I've been very regular! Figures, huh? Lol.
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Yup, Olivia is 8 1/2 months...actually got pregnant but miscarried when Olivia was 6 months...third miscarriage. Just quit breastfeeding so hopefully my cycles will get on track and I can be giving birth this time next year!! We are crazy lol!!
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