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September Updates!

Aubryana has her 9 month (OMG 9 months already!!!) appointment tomorrow, so I'll update again then. I just thought I'd go ahead and put up an update post so we can add on whenever.

Aubryana's crawling everywhere off her belly now, standing alone for a second (she drops to her butt when she realizes we've let go), she's waving hi, says mama when she sees me and says dada now but I don't think she knows DH is dada just yet. I think she's confused between brother and dada. She pulls up on everything, and walks around holding onto whatever is near her, she's definitely turning into a little stinker, if there's anything on the livingroom tables she'll pull it off, and she has SUCH a temper!!! Any time we take something from her that she can't have or move her away from something she screams, lol. She LOVES popsicles, and cheetos (I prefer them over some of the actual baby treats because they disolve better.) She's starting to try to walk when we hold her hands instead of just bouncing. We're still exclusively breast feeding, and she's had every kind of baby food there is almost. She's eating two meals a day, and I plan on asking the ped about moving her to three when I see him/her tomorrow. I'm already planning what she's gonna be for Halloween and can't wait to go shopping for her costume, big brother is going as Spongebob. I'm also planning her birthday party which I'll have in FL at my parents' house since I will be there because I'm going to be an aunt for the first time, and my new niece is due at the end of November. Definitely awesome, because she's only about a week behind the age Aubryana will have been during the winter/summer months so I can give them clothes Aubryana grows out of. Speaking of which, she's still wearing 3-6 month dresses, I bought 6/9 month ones as well, so they're longer on her, but she still fits her 6 month clothes. I was looking back in records I have for Elijah and she's the same size now that he was at 4 months, I don't know if he was just that big, or she's just that small, a mix of both or what. We'll find out her percentiles tomorrow! I measured and weighed her and she's 26 1/2 inches and 15 pounds, well between 15 and 17 my scale is acting up so I'm not sure exactly...but tomorrow we will know! I'm kinda worried about her weight because she hasn't really gained anything since her 6 month appointment, but then again she's only grown a half inch...we'll see. I may just be worrying over nothing! Hope everyone else is doing well, don't forget we're still a group, and anytime you want to update, or are wondering what milestones everyone's at, stop by and post!
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So Aubryana really IS tiny. She's 27 1/4 inches, and 15.6 pounds. She's actually lost a few ounces since her last appointment, my guess would be because she doesn't sit still unless she's asleep, SO we're moving her up to three meals a day with oatmeal in all of them, and she's going back in six weeks for a weight check. I'm praying that she has gained weight, because she doesn't really drink out of a cup and refuses a bottle. She bites the cup when I give her water with her food, and if she hasn't gained weight the dr wants me to supplement with formula, and I have NO clue how to give it to her. Nine months of breast feeding, and I'm not giving up!!! She's 25% for height and weight, black and white difference between my kiddos, Elijah's never been below 90% for height, mostly over 95% and he's always been about 75% for height. I have one giant child, and one mini one, lol!
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Ava is about the same on everything from the crawling with her belly off the ground to her rediculas temper, lol!  She walks the furniture and climbs on/in everything!  She will be 10 months on the 19th. At her 9 month appointment she was 29.50 inches long and 23lbs 7 ounces...the height of a 13 month old and the weight of a 17month old, lol!  My little chunk!  She is starting to get a sense of humor and will even fake laugh at things.  She is so much fun right now!  PLUS, she is going to be a big sister in May 2012!!
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Zoe is 8 months now. She is crawling and will stand when leaning against something. She loves to clap and dance and sing; she's a real performer. She eats Puffs and uses a sippy cup, although only when I put them in her mouth (she picks them up but does not put them in her mouth). Her favorite foods are spinach and yogurt, and of course her bottle, which she holds herself. She makes tons of noises and loves to imitate sounds, but nothing that even slightly resembles "mama" yet. She is very tall--growing out of 12 month clothing already--and average weight. But of all the things she does, I love the way she kisses the most. She leans in with her forehead, smooshes her nose against my nose and pants. She does this with me and DH and with her favorite stuffed animal. It's just so adorable and I love this girl more than anything in the world.
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Lexi is 9 months old now. We had her appt today and we discussed her asthma. She has a rash, and we suspect it's from the pineapple she had, but we won't know until we give it to her again. It's like these little welts all over the backs of her legs. :(

She's 29 1/2 inches long (Super tall!) and weighs 17 pounds and 15 ounces. She's lost a half pound since her last appt two weeks ago when we addressed her asthma. But, her ped isn't concerned at this time.

She's in 6-9 months clothes, but can wear a few 12 months shirts, they're just big on her, but mainly she can't wear them yet.

She stands up and cruises along the tables and couch. She could stand by herself, and has for a few seconds, but she gets nervous and has to hold onto something. She literally held onto a birthday card that was hanging off of the edge of the table, so that tells you how little she really relies on the extra support, she just think she needs it. She walks and runs when you hold her hands and pulls up on everything. She's been crawling for a while now.

She says "Mama" and "Dada." She's very animated and loves making faces. She loves music and will try to dance to it. She eats very well with her solids, but Mama still likes to try to give her more formula than baby food, I know I need to rectify it, but I just don't want too. lol. She imitates sounds, and is a big Daddy's Girl. She loves to have him chase her around the house and she'll just giggle.

We try to give her a sippy, but she just bites it. I got one sippy that I took the plastic valve out of so that the liquid flows freely, and she will drink out of it, but we just watch to make sure she isn't going too fast. She'll also drink out of a water bottle, so I'm hoping that means we won't have an issue with weening, but who knows.

She still only has her two bottom teeth, an it looks silly, but it just matches her personality!
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