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Hello Ladies...How are we doing?

First i would like to say sorry for not being on here so much anymore. How is everyone doing with their pregnancy? As we are all in/approaching our final trimester things may be getting a little crazy. How are plans coming for your baby shower? As for myself mine is on October 23rd...yikes only 3 more weeks! How is everyone on baby names? Any final decisions made yet? We have finally decided her name is going to be Payton Ryan.

Now as for my pregnancy im now very high risk and on bed rest. Although its not working out to well when i have 2 kids that need to be taken to school everyday. I was found on 8/27 to have a high fluid level but have not had a repeat ultrasound as of yet. She was also measuring 3 weeks ahead at that ultrasound as well, which set the goal date of 11/13. Then on 9/27 i was back in l&d because i thought i was leaking only to find i was having about 5 contractions per hour. I hope everyone else is having a much easier pregnancy then me!
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My pregnancy is progressing smoothly. I haven't had any surprises or unexpected events happening. I'm finally making my doctor happy and gaining about a pound a week.

My hubby and I decided to name our son Daniel Aaron. We've always like the name Daniel and our 2nd son was actually going to get that name, but we decided against it at the time. Now our 3rd son will have that name. We were having trouble deciding on a middle name, it had to begin with an 'A' because both of our boys' middle names begin with that letter. We were up in the air with Adrian and Aaron. It just so happened that I was watching tv and Elvis came on and started singing and the baby started kicking like crazy. Well Elvis' middle name is Aaron so the baby made the decision for us. lol! I guess he knows what he wants.

My baby shower is scheduled for Nov. 5 and I was getting excited about it, but now I'm just stressed out. It is supposed to be taking place at my mom's house, but she keeps on giving me all these rules and regulations that I really don't want to have it there anymore. I really don't have any other options on a place so I'm just stressing. I've had my other two there before and she was never like this. I guess I just have to get over it or come up with another plan.

My hubby is finally going to get his butt in gear and start working around the house to get things ready. Unfortunately he waited to long to start otherwise I would be able to help him out. Essentially we have to rearrange 3 rooms to make space for baby. Its going to be a good month's of work which includes painting 3 rooms, moving furniture from one room to another for two different rooms, and of course purging unnecessary things. I'll help with the purging because I could afford to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Well that's my update. Sorry if its too long. I've had a lot on my mind.

I hope that everyone else is doing well.
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Well I'm now about 30 weeks, so not long now!  Been having a 'disgustingly normal' pregnancy according to my doctor!  Only been having a few typical issues like heartburn and sore back and sleepless nights.  I can usually sleep through anything, but every time I wake up for a pee she starts rolling, kicking and stretching!

We have decided on Evangeline (Eva (ay-vah) for short), but can't think of a middle name just yet...Paige, Ruth and Ruby have been suggested.

We have already had our baby shower (at about 23 wks) as hubby was due to go out to Afghan and we wanted to both be involved.  It was a leaving party with the family too.

We have pretty much completed the nursery, we built an ottoman/bench which i need to make a cushion for and then that's it.

Hubby left last night and doesn't get back till just before the baby is due so we've made sure everything is ready in case I'm early...really want him back in time though!  Already miss him so much and he's only just left.  It's not the first time we've been apart with work, but definitely the worst location!

Really good to see everyone else's story, although sorry to hear things aren't running so smoothly Dolphin!
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i am almost 28 weeks and the best case scenario is getting my preg to ealry dec but i have a strong feeling i will be delivering these twins towards the end of next month

im a little freaked out at how soon that is and i hope im wrong but my ob said 34-36 weeks is what we are looking for....

i was doing fine and moving along smoothly until last night when i had contractions wake me up and had a little scare....been on the couch all day, drinkikng water and things seem calm but as i know that
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Im so glad to hear everyone is doing well with their pregnancy. The names are so beautiful and flow real well. As for me ive been having bad pains down low and under my right breast. I did get my ultrasound scheduled for monday at 115 and then my doctor is at 430. I hope to have some answers and a better plan come monday. I think im going to take today as a relax and do nothing day.

I know how you feel about the shower because im having problems. Except mine is 2 weeks from sunday and all my friends say they still have not got the invite. Yet the girl throwing it swears she mailed them a week ago! So im worried and scared it is not going to turn out well at all. I would try and work it out best you can with your mom though.

I must say her name is so pretty! I hope dh makes it home before her birth. I know i would freak and be lost if df could not be there for ours.

Slow down girl we dont want those babies to come now! My doctor is saying the same thing about 36 weeks and i just hope to make it till then. Just do the best you can, drink lots of water, and relax.
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its hard to slow down when i have so much to get done daily....and i dont even do everythign that i have to get done....things are just crazy and im really trying to finish this semester of school so im only 4 credits from my masters degree rather than 10....

my high risk ob says that the main concern is i have one placenta supporting 2 babies and its typical for one of the babies to stop growing between 34-36 weeks and given that baby B has always been smaller and less fluid we are assuming that delivery will take place sooner rather than later, but right now i am just trying to let these grow and get strong....tyring to avoid a premature delivery and NICU stay again, if i can
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I am 28 weeks today.  I am shopping for baby and suffering from swollen legs, ankles, and feet.  They can get pretty bad.  I am also trying to get things in order at work to take off.  My only other big goal is to start on the baby room but I don't plan on doing that until the weekend of Thanksgiving.  My baby shower is Nov 5th and one of my dear friends is hosting.  I know she will be a great hostess but I am afraid it will be a small turn out, I have already heard from a lot of people who can't make it, which makes me sad.  I am not even sure if my mother is coming.  She lives three hours away and she will use any excuse not to drive here.  I can't wait to hold Uriah Jaxon in my arms....only 12 more weeks!
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