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hubby in the delivery room

As the weeks get shorter i still can't make up my mind as to if i want him in the delivery room. Once he told me that he's not sure if he can handle it and i got upset and told him i don't want him at the hospital he should stay home until i come home with the baby. Now he wants to be in the room when im giving birth but i don't know what to tell him because i feel like i pressured him into wanting to be there. I am trying to be considerate towards his feeling and also mines
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I personally think it would be really stupid not to have him in there. They say the men feel that true love for the first time by seeing their baby cry for the first time. Watching u go thru what u will go thru strengthens his love for u.. I wouldn't give him the choice. He is just as much a parent as u are to ur child.
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I too think your hubby should be in the delivery room.  It's a special time for both of you!  It's also a bonding experience.  Why is it that you don't want him to see his baby until you are home?  Depending on when you deliver and how baby is doing he may not see baby for quite a few days.  I know we say things when we are frustrated but I think he should see his baby when he/she arrives.  Your heart will melt seeing him hold the baby upon arrival.  I too believe that he shouldn't have a choice as to whether or not he wants to be there.  
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Ok thanks
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I cant imagine my.boyfriend not being there but i understand what you mean as i cant stop stressing about if i want my mum there. i feel guilty for saying no as im so close to her and she is desperate to see it but im so stressed i cant make up my mind.
also i saw the delivery room and there is no way for her to not see me legs akimbo. If she was there i dont mind her seeing me naked but wudnt want her to see me with my legs in the air and a baby coming out. and i know she also wants to see him crowning. raaaa im stressed again now.
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I believe the birth of your child is an intimate bond that should be for you and the babies father.
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Hello ladies! I am now pregnant with my 4th child. My first I had my mom and my brothers fiancee in the room as my husband was working out of state and couldn't be there. With my second my husband was in the room with me and my friend was watching my son in the waiting room. My third my husband and my mil was in the room and with the 4th I don't know who exactly will be in the room but when the time comes for u to have the baby it won't matter too much who is in the room as you will be so overwhelmed with joy and excitement you just won't care. My third daughter i did cord blood donation and had about 20 people in and out of room during delivery and believe me you won't care who sees what you are just going to want that baby to come out. I would definitely let your spouse or father of your child be there as it does help bonding with you and baby. You have 9 mths of bonding with baby as it grows inside you but from a father's perspective they don't get to bond until the baby is born. Don't feel anxious about whose going to see your stuff cause at the time no one is really looking at it in a sexual way. I would definitely take everything in to consideration but remember a baby is only born once and it is the experience of a lifetime that no one should miss. Congrats on all your babies and i hope you have a great delivery.
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I get that you wont care who sees during the time, but isnt that the whole point of discussing it beforehand. i dont want to remember that my mum saw such an intimate thing, i dont mean the birth i mean the actual crowning, ive seen some clips on you tube and t looks so horrible i dont want to remember that my mum looked. i know im over reacting but its my body.
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Your hubby should be in the room hun! With my first my husband my mom and his mom were in the room. With this one it will just be my husband and i.
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I gave birth to my daughter yesterday her dad was in the room but i was.in so much pain i for got he was there but i am happy i listened to you ladies and let him be there because right away i started to see the changes in him (good not bad lol) :-)
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Congrats on your new baby girl! So glad u allowed ur boyfriend in delivery room and hope all goes well for u and ur family. Take care of you and your little one!
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