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1 Year Checkups!

I figured it would be nice to have a separate post for our little one's 1 Year checkups so we can compare how big our little ones are and who's little one's are reaching different milestones!

I wont have an update for Sarah's 1 Year until February 4th, but I know some of you ladies gave birth late January!

Hope everyone is well!
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Micheala had her 1 year checkup 2 weeks ago.

She weighed in at 9.1 kg (20 lbs), is 80 cm long and her head is 49 cm. She has 4 teeth, 2 upper and 2 lower.

She can nearly walk / take a few steps, but still prefers to speed crawl. :)

She sleeps a lot now, about 10 - 11 hours at night and 2 naps, each of about 2 hours during the day.

She says mamma for everything she wants.  Points and makes her desires very clear.  She can follow simple instructions like come here and look.  She babbles a lot, but doesn't say other words.  When she's awake she's like an energiser bunny, she just goes and goes.....

She loves teddy bears and other kids.  She always looks at people and smiles and tries to get them to interact with her.  Usually very successfully.

She has also really started to enjoy eating, finally.  Mainly we give her fruits and veges and meats.  See loves fish.  Also loves bananas.  I was totally shocked last night when she ate a large banana by herself.  Usually I only give her 1/3.  But I gave her a whole one and peeled it back slowly, and she practically inhaled the whole thing.

I'll be having a dinner with my friends for her birthday, which will be on Sunday.
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its lillys birthday shes having a g8 day! she only is 21lbs so shes still tiny but she was ill in hospital last week shes had a nasty bug and had to have a drip to get fluid into her but shes ok now, shes also just getting over chickenpox! shes a happy baby and very loving! she eat well shes vegaterian like me and also still breastfed, shes been walking since 8 1/2 months and she can say lots of words and she also uses signs. wer taking her to the sealife center today and then out for dinner.

hope everyone else has a g8 bday! happy birthday feb babys x
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Sarah had her 1 year appointment today and she is doing great.

She weighs 23 pounds 6 ounces (80%) 30.5 inches tall (85%) and her head circumference is 18 3/4 (95%). She had a great check up.....had to get 2 shots which she hated (she knows the crinkle paper on the table is associated with shots...poor baby).
We have been introducing milk for awhile here and there...and we got the okay do to 1/2 milk 1/2 formula for a month in order to switch her gradually.......
Other than that...nothing much new to report. He was happy to hear that she is walking and says Da Da, Mama and Cracker.....too cute!

HOpe everyone's little ones are well!
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Mikayla weighed 25lbs (93%) and was 30.5 in long (97%) at her 1 year check up.  I don't remember her head circumference but it was/is proportioned.  She only gained 1/2 lb since her 9 month check up (her weight has fluctuated in between) but grew 2 inches, so she is thinning out.  Everything looked great with her but she is still battling an ear and sinus infection.  She is doing better and just finished her anti-biotics.  
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Caiden had his 1 year check-up on February 11th (a day after birthday) and he weighed 24 pounds even and is almost 33" long!! 70% for his weight and 95% for his height! He is sooo tall and thinning out so much! He's still solid, but so dang tall! He had to get 3 shots...and the buggar is so smart. The second we walked in there he knew what was coming...poor lil man :( But he's a trooper! He also saw the dentist for the first time and his teeth look great!

He has 7 teeth, and has got another one coming in! And he still has baby hair..its so cute! He is saying a hundred words!! Even says 2 words together like "all done" "more please"...things like that. But he says mama, dada, apple, snow, more, hi, bye, more, down, berry, bottle, bath...etc. He says so much! He tried to repeat everything we say. (gotta watch my swearing now!).

He's been walking since 11 months and is now RUNNING. I kid you not..the little man is running everywhere. He's into everything! He's so freakin smart!
Were still on formula...only because we had a few bottles left and wanted to use them and not waste them. But as soon as its gone, its milk milk milk! He's eating everything we do pretty much which is great.

He's been sleeping GREAT since 11 months. (thank god) 12 hours at night and a 2 hour nap during the day. I'm very happy about that! :) He's doing great and I am still in disbelief our babies are 1 !!!!
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Sounds like everyone's baby's are doing well! So glad to hear.

Well, just wanted to let you ladies know that I had my baby on February 12, 2010 at 4:15pm weighing 6 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches long. I posted a couple pics. She looks just like her big sister Sarah!
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Wow, I've NOt been on in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Long!  Myra had her 15/18 months check-up and she's 27 pounds 32 inches tall.  I miss you all so much and just figured to come and see how we all are doing.  
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