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I am 5w1d pregnant and noticed a stringy long discharge with no pain or foul order, is this normal during early pregnancy?

EDD 2/16/09
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I have a question I am producing alotof mucus also...and my nipple are very aorw...m perioda ate irregular so im not sure if thi is a sign of pregnancy or a sign of a period
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As long as there is no pain or itchiness involved, it is reasonably safe to assume that what you are experiencing is just increased cervical mucus that many women produce during pregnancy. Your body has to create a mucus plug to seal the uterus once a pregnancy has been established. Increased cervical mucus is something that can be experienced during any trimester, or in many cases, all of them. Most women complain of an increase again however, during the last month (or so) of their pregnancy.
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Hi i'm 5 weeks pregnant and ive had a lot of discharge too, and i researched it on the internet and its caused by high levels of progesterone which supports early pregnancy until the umbilical cord is formed, so im taking this as s positive sign!
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There's alot going on in there, so discharge is very normal. As long as you don't have cramping or the discharge is blood, you should be ok. Ofcourse alot of women experience spotting as well. Are you on any meds? I use Prometrium suppositories for several m/c's and they cause alot of discharge. You should always run things by your DR ofcourse. I'm 5w1d & due on 2/16/09, so we're on the same track!

Goodluck to you!

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