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I had a c-section with my baby girl. And I noticed yesterday that I had a small hard thing at the end of my insecion and got to looking at it and noticed it looked like a small clear thread with a bump on the end of it. So I asked my husband to come look at it and he thought it might be a stitch coming out. Is it a problem that I can see one of my stitches. They are the dissolveable kind.
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Im not really sure on this....as I got my running stitch out one week after my c-section. I would definetly call the doc and find out if that is normal though!
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had soemthing similar with previous abdominal surgery.  It isn't a problem as long as the wound is dry and cool and no local redness.

It will eventually disappear as the stitch is absorbed.

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My son had stitches yesterday in his leg now his foot cold
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My son had stitches in his legs yesterday now his foot feels cold is that right?
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