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About 5 weeks+, still mild to no symptoms on and off...

I didn't know I was pregnant at all as my symptoms went 100% away on AF Due (28th May). And I thought my AF is coming but it didn't. 1/June I finally went for pregnancy test and it's positive! I'm so happy but still no symptoms or whatsoever. Since I have had a ectopic preg before I was very worried. From 1/June to 4/June I experience very mile symptoms such as light soaring on boobs and abdominal discomfort. 5th/June I felt nothing at all and there is light cramping on and off on my right abdominal. Panicked and did a blood test, HCG is 5000+ (that's 5 weeks, as my LMP is 30/April). 5th/June evening, there is light spotting on tissues when I wipe. I'm feeling OK on 6th/June and today(7th/June), there is no spotting or whatever and the light "pregnancy feeling" is back. I am going to do another HCG test tomorrow (8th/June). I am worried, is everything normal? Does "Mum-to-be" can always "feel" the pregnancy?
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It is not uncommon in early pregnancy to feel no symptoms. It is also not uncommon to have slight spotting in early pregnancy. I had it with my daughter and she is just fine.  Your blood test will be able to set your mind at ease that the numbers have gone up. Has your doctor schedulded your first ultrasound yet?

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Thanks.. but I started to worry again.

Do you feel breast shrinking at week5 +? I felt it since yesterday! Weird.
5/June: HCG 5000+ Symptoms gone, except abdominal discomfort, squeeze the nipple to feel the soreness, u/s can only see sac, nothing else.
8/June: HCG 12000+ Symptoms gone, except abdominal discomfort, squeeze the nipple to feel the soreness
9/June: Symptoms gone, breast shrinking, no soreness, don't feel like eating at all.

Doc ask me to wait one more week for u/s... I am not sure I am OK or not.
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Hang in there!!! I hope the doc can see a little heart beating away!!! You know they not suppose to see any heart before week 6-8? So you still have plenty of time, please don't panic..Symptoms, they will come and go, DONT WORRY!
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I Am so happy for you and delighted to know that someone feels the same as I do.  I too felt symptoms and then they went away.  Now I am starting have breast tenderness come and go.  I feel extremely mild cramping (if that really exists :-) )    and thats about it.  I had a hcg level of 615.8 on june 8, and on june 16th i was tested again to make sure the levels were increasing and they were 16,928.  So everything is going well and I have an u/s scheduled for next week.

Please tell me how your u/s goes.  I am happy to know i am not the only one nervous.
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i thought i was 8 weeks pregnant but over the last week my symptoms have gone! my breasts are nowhere near as sore and i no longer feel sicky! had an EPAC on the 10/02 and only saw a 5 week progression! have been told to go back on the 22nd for another to see if it has grown am very worried as i have had 2 previous miscarriages but my body got rid of them itself! she could see the sac and the yolk with no other problems that she could see! i don't feel as pregnant as i did before not sure if i got the dates wrong or if it's a missed miscarriage! but surely i would have had some other signs in the last 3 weeks to say something was wrong! i have had a few cramps that are more uncomfortable in the past few days and i spotted once but only very lightly! i'm very scared! if anyone has any information i would be very grateful!
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