Anyone feeling as though they are abnormally big? LOL, perhaps we all do.
Anyhow, my stomach is huge, I am right from underneath my breasts down to the pubic bone, and its hard as heck. I am only 17 weeks and thinking this is a bit much for that. My other two pregnancies I didnt carry like this. I have difficulties eating and even breathing because I just feel so full and bloated. I am not backed up or anything. TMI sorry. I look like I am atleast 7 or even 8 months preggo! I am not really worried, just wondering if anyone else was feeling the same way. If I could find my adapter for my camera I would post pics and I'm sure you would all think so too, lol.
We should all post our belly photos.
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your pregnancies :)
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Oh yes! I feel the exact same way. I kinda figured it was since this is my 2nd pregnancy and baby is measuring larger anyway.  I have only gained 5lbs so I know I am not overeating. Like you mine starts under the breasts and goes down to the pubic bone.   Look at the bright side there is no mistaking us being pregnant. LOL  And maternity clothes are so comfy. :)
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I'm entering my 16th week and I really have nothing to show for just yet.  This is my first baby and I was a marathon runner leading up to the pregnancy so my doctor said I would probably be a late bloomer due to both reasons.  I have gained 6 pounds, while maintaining my jogging (not running anymore) workouts so there is growth somewhere.  :)  My close friends say it just looks like I have just eaten a big meal, no pregnancy-ike roundness.  I can notice a little bit trying to form but the general person on the street might just think I have a pound or so of excess fat.  I am just now not fitting comfortably in my normal clothes, but I know I am not really big enough for maternity just yet.
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I had felt I looked about 6 months and I am only 4 LOL. I was really big for how many weeks I was and in maternity clothes at 12 weeks.Since belly seems to be getting smaller maybe because I lost 12 Lbs?
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Well, I will put it this way. I am in a wedding Friday. the Maid of Honor just flew in from Kentucky who I just met (she is due in December) and I am MUCH bigger than her....so, yes, I am BIG! I look like 7 months +
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Yoikes!  I've been feeling the same way!  I think my baby bump has pushed up my tummy so I look really big.  It's terrifying.  I can't imagine what I'm going to look like in 2 months let alone 5!  I asked my hubby if I looked like I was showing or just fat -- he just looked at me like -- You're not serious, are you?  You couldn't pay me to answer that one!
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I am so glad I have a few of you along with me on this. Lol.

JourneyJoJo: HA HA, my hubby answers that very same question with "Your beautiful, you look wonderful...AND YOUR PREGNANT!!"  Somehow I just really can't seem to take a compliment. I am sure with the moods I have he is afraid to say anything different.

I have gained 4lbs so far, but I think the scales must be off!  I am also afraid of what I am going to look like in months to come, likely still as beautiful to hubby, Fibber. LOL

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I am 3 1/2 months and am just barley sarting to look pregnant (to me anyway) to others it just might look like I'm overweight, I have pictures posted though, this is my first pregnancy so I probably won't look too noticably pregnant for another month or so. I want a big belly, I can't wait! I think it is the most beautiful thing.
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I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and I feel like I have been showing since I was about 2 months! Its crazy! According to the doctors, I have only gained 5 pounds since my first appointment which was when I was 8 weeks.  Some days I feel that whole bloated and full feeling and other days it's not so bad, but there is NO mistaking that I am preggo! The last few days I feel like my belly has protruded out even more.  Even if I eat a normal size meal, it makes me get totally bloated from up under my breasts all the way down to pubic area.  I am definitely curious to see what will transpire in the next few months!
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No, I feel like crystalwolf when she says that she wants a big belly.  I also think that it is the most beautiful thing in the world.  I am a big girl anyhow.  so since this is my first pregnancy and also having a large frame, I doubt i will show anytime soon.  My family says that I look preggo to them.  I am currently 16w6d,  they say they can see my stomach looking nice and round.  However many of the people that I havent told that i was pregnant, when they see me, they dont ask if i am pregnant but they dont say that I have gained weight either.  Just being polite i guess.

Although before I started wearing my maternity clothing, (one of the biggest reasons i began though), one of my neighbors saw me sitting outside and she was a bit intoxicated, looked at me and said, your butt is getting a little too big for those britches.   Lol.  At that point, I knew i appeared to have gained weight, but just dont "look" pregnant.  Lol.
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When I had my 18wk appt today and saw on the u/s that the baby is breech right now that explained a little of why I have no bump.  Really I just look like I have a small beer belly.  I still have not gotten up to my pre-pregnancy weight (-4 right now, up from -7) because I was sick until about 17 weeks.  Still sick every once in a while now.  Also the baby is sitting low (not dangerous, just low) and my hips have been moving apart like the repelling magnets, so I've already moved into maternity clothes... I just don't have any real forward motion to show for it.

I've gotten sensative though b/c my friends who are also pregnant have great big bellies.  So when people say "18 weeks! You don't even look pregnant!"  I really just want to hit them... but maybe that's the hormones...
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lol im 15 weeks today and can i just say i have had a big belly from 8 weeks lol so you can imagine how big i am now i realy hope this is not a huge baby ouch, this is #4 and so different from the rest, i look as if am due any time this is the biggest i have ever been , am loving it no tho as i can feel alot of movement and see my belly move like waves lol the only thing am not to keen on is having a bath as i get stuck i cant get out alone lol im just finding every day dofferent and my bump just keeps growing lol take care all and enjoy xx
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I'm 16wks now and I feel HUGE! This is my 2nd and I didn't look like this until after 6 months with DS lol!! Oh well I guess, At least people can tell it's bump...I did lose 5-6lbs and I have finally gained that back. I'm also in a wedding tomorrow and she is sooooo lucky it's not any later lol!! It's a tight fitting dress to begin with, but thankfully I bought a bigger size just in case I got p/g!! But my belly pushes the dress right out lol. Also, my hips have already begun to move apart. I feel like I can't even walk right anymore. Thankfully I have a chiropractor I see on a regular basis, but that doesn't help with the hip thing, just back discomfort. I'l just keep taking care of the little peanut :-)
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I want to see pictures!  I bet you are going to be so cute.  You'll probably show up the bride.  I'm glad you mentioned the chiropractor.  I have been wondering if it's ok to see one.  My hip is out of place.  It has been hurting lately.  I have a crocked spine which causes me hip pain from time to time.  Plus I was starting to spot a tiny bit last night again and the nurse told me to lay down with my feet up when that happens so I do but my back gets sore.  I wonder how woman do it when they end up on bedrest.  That has to be aweful.  Well take care and lots of pictures.  There isn't one single pic on your page yet.  :(  I hope it doesn't seem like I am whinning...I'm not.  I'll live through all of it for what I have growing inside me.

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I was using the pill when I got pregnant. It's levels of Estrogen neede to be adjusted so I bled every two weeks for about 2 days. I had no idea which was my period and which wasn't. I was on it for ab 3 months when I found out I was pregnant. I've calculated from my last 'period' to be about 4 weeks along. But I feel like I'm showing already! If there's any way to post a picture of my tummy and have any new mommys look that would be great!
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